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10.21.15 Bee-otch of the Day: Cindy Gamrat

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Name: Cindy Gamrat
Age: 43
Occupation: former state representative
Last Seen: Plainwell, MI
Bee-otched For: wanting an apology

The saga known as Courseratgate seems to not want to end.

On her Facebook page, Cindy Gamrat told the media that she demands an apology for saying not-so-truthful things about her affair with fellow former state rep Todd Courser. She claims that the two never shared the same staff and never wasted taxpayer dollars on their illicit affair.

Here's her message, courtesy of

This media advisory is addressed to all local, state, and national media. I am requesting an immediate apology and correction from all media outlets that have reported the following misleading and inaccurate statements: 

1. That I admitted to misusing taxpayer dollars to cover up an affair. 
2. That I shared an office with another Representative. 

These are false statements and the continuous circulation of these false statements have caused harm to myself, my family, and my campaign. Also, I have not been found guilty of a crime nor have any costs to the state been assessed to me regarding misuse of taxpayer dollars or otherwise. In addition, each Representative has their own office as did I. The office of the Representative in question was on another floor and on opposite sides of the building, and across the street from each other. There was an overlap of staff duties for each office. 

I am requesting a public apology and correction from all media outlets who have reported these false statements. I am also requesting to be copied and made aware of each correction. Also, let it be known for future reporting, that you have been made aware of the inaccuracies of these statements. I appreciate and respect the necessary role of the media, and all the hard work that has been done to get on top of this story. I expect that this is just a simple oversight, however, these errors have continued unaddressed for far too long and are causing irreparable damage to me, my family, and my campaign. I anticipate each news outlet will be just as eager to set the record straight and make a correction regarding these statements as they were in reporting them. Thank you for your quick and timely response in addressing this, 

Cindy Gamrat
Cindy, if you're reading this (and I extremely doubt it), I only have one word to say about your little letter:


The news media needs to apologize to YOU because you decided that your husband wasn't good enough for you sexually? It's sad that you shove your morals into our face by wanting to kill off Planned Parenthood, yet you committed adultery, one of the Ten Commandments. Aborting a fetus is NOT a sin since a fetus isn't a human being; it's just cells. You should have listened to your science teacher.

Several times in the letter, you told the media to apologize to what they did to your family. I DID NOTHING. YOU'RE THE ONE WHO SUCKED COURSER'S COCK, WENT HOME AND KISSED YOUR KIDS RIGHT ON THE MOUTH. YOU. SICK. FUCKING. CUNT.

I hope the people in your district band together to make sure you don't get your seat back. You need to stay home and realize that you are a failure and you let your people down.

Piss off you fucking Skeletor lookalike.
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