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10.20.15 Bee-otch of the Day: Drew Lane

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Name: Drew Lane
Age: ??
Occupation: former radio personality
Last Seen: Ferndale, MI
Bee-otched For: walking in a winner, leaving a loser

I remembered as a teen going to Detroit and listening to the old 97.1 K-Rock.

To me, K-Rock was never given a chance. Then again, Detroit had a huge glut of rock stations at the time. One of my fond memories of K-Rock was their promos smacking down WRIF and their successful morning duo of Drew and Mike. They would claim that D&M frequently ripped off Howard Stern, WRIF was editing the crap out of their tunes and Arthur Penhallow was some weird old dude who loved to bang girls young enough to be his granddaughter.

True, Howard never achieved the success D&M had in Detroit, but he did have his fans. Plus in the end, D&M ended up breaking up and left WRIF so the station could get younger numbers with Dave and Chuck the Freak, who were taken from Canadian alt-rocker 89X. While Mike Clark faded into obscurity, Drew signed a new contract with WRIF parent Greater Media in 2013 to host a new afternoon sports show on newly-launched sports talker Detroit Sports 105.1.

Now comes word that after two years, Drew is out at 105.1.

In an interview with the Detroit News, Lane claims that his departure was all about the show's direction and not about money. In the two years since 105.1 flipped to sports, the station has not made a dent in the ratings. As a matter of fact, the station is #23 in the latest Nielsen ratings with a .8 and is Detroit's lowest-rated commercial FM station. On the other hand, CBS' 97.1 The Ticket has more than eight times the total listeners Detroit Sports 105.1 has.

True, it's not 105.1's fault that they suck... Or maybe it is. They're Detroit's ESPN affiliate and must clear many of their shows, such as Mike and Mike. While 97.1 is talking Detroit sports, the station branded "Detroit Sports" is stuck with some dude in Connecticut talking about a team people in Detroit don't give two shits about. Plus, 97.1 has the Red Wings, Tigers and Lions while 105.1 has the Pistons, a team that hasn't been relevant in years.

It'll be exciting to know if Lane will return to Detroit radio or not. After all, 106.7 The D's morning guy is voicetracked out of Cleveland. If iHeartMedia had a brain, they'd get Drew and maybe entice Mike to come along for the ride.

And while they're at it, maybe they'll give the two SiriusXM radios so they can rip off Howard again. I hope they can spread three days worth of shows into five days.

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