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3.22.16 Bee-otch of the Day: Jim Bakker

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Name: Jim Bakker
Age: 76
Occupation: televangelist
Last Seen: Branson, MO
Bee-otched For: comparing Bernie Sanders to Hitler

It's amazing that for some people, jail just isn't enough.

That's the situation for Jim Bakker, the televangelist whose PTL ministry collapsed in the late 1980s amid scandal. He ended up going to jail for several years for tax evasion but somehow found a way back on TV in the early 2000s.

He now does his show from a building that resembles his Heritage USA in Branson, MO, the town that's like Las Vegas only if it were designed by Ned Flanders. Well, he uses his airtime to trash politicians and kiss the asses of others, like Donald Trump. On a recent broadcast, Bakker claimed that yes, Drumpf uses "salty language", but compared him to Truman since he supported Israel.

Now, he's attacking Bernie Sanders to 0f all people, Hitler. Yes, a man who hated the Jews while Bernie himself is, surprise, surprise, Jewish himself. On his show, Bakker claimed that because Sanders is a "socialist" in his words, he shares the same ideals as Hitler and the Nazis, who killed tens of millions of Jews. Bakker claimed that it will only take a few bombs to destroy America because of Bernie's ideals.

Meanwhile, Bakker uses his broadcasts to promote his stupid food buckets just in case this fine world were to come to an end. In the video posted above, the graphic claims that for the low, low price of $165 (or more), you can get a 90-day bucket of grub and a 50-day bucket "for starving Christians".

Oh, did I read that Bakker still owes the IRS $6 million? S. M. H.

Look, I'm a Christian. I go to a church that doesn't preach that the sky is falling and we all must give or else God will push his wrath unto us. Instead, they preach the things God wants us to learn, like love and accepting those who are different. Hell, one of the people I joined the church with just happens to be a Fox News-watching conservative, even though my church is very liberal. If that's the road he wants to take, fine. I will accept that. But the thing is, there's a lot of churches that are like Bakker's and they should be taxed to the hilt.

Remember, folks, there's a reason why these people are still around, and it's because there's morons who give them money. If you know any of them, tell them to stop. Jim Bakker is a sicko for what he did to millions of people 30-odd years ago and it's sad that he's pulling the same shit again.

Here's three words for 'ol Jimbo: FEEL THE BERN!


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