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3.9.16 Bee-otches of the Day: Nike

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Name: Nike
Age: 52 
Occupation: shoe maker
Last Seen: Beaverton, OR
Bee-otched For: doing what they do best: exploiting black folks 

If you wanted to go to the Eastland Mall in Harper Woods near Detroit on Saturday, you would have to stand through some crowds and near rioting.

All over a fucking pair of shoes.

A lot of commotion was over the latest pair of Air Jordan shoes sold at the Kids Foot Locker, which sold for $140. The mall had to be closed twice over security concerns.

Meanwhile in Minnesota, two people were shot in the parking lot of a Foot Locker over another pair of Air Jordans, priced at $190.

When I was young, I heard lots of stories of young kids and teens getting shot over Air Jordans and Reebok Pumps. I even begged my mother to buy me Pumps, but instead, she dragged me to Kmart. Yes, I was teased for wearing dopey-ass fake shoes that only lasted three months at a time, but at least I'm still alive and at least my poor old mother didn't have to contribute to the problems leading to the shootings.

You see, Nike's founder and chairman, Phil Knight is worth $28 BILLION. Michael Jordan is worth $1.1 billion. The people who clamored over to Foot Locker for $140 pairs of shoes are hardly worth a dime. I'll betcha that some of those folks used government assistance just to buy those shoes. Even more, Nike has no factories in America, which adds on to the poverty of these people.

There's that part of me that says that Phil Knight is a slave owner and the likes of Michael Jordan and LeBron James are his Uncle Toms. If there's any violence among the people who buy his shoes, it means more promotion for his little company. Because of that, you'll never see a pair of Nikes slapped on my feet. New Balance, on the other hand, has factories in America and I recently had a pair that lasted over a year.

And so far, I've never been shot over those. 

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