Thursday, March 3, 2016

3.3.16 Bee-otches of the Day: the media

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Name: the media
Age: ageless
Occupations: informers and entertainers of the public
Last Seen: everywhere
Bee-otched For: putting their lips on Hillary's ass
After Hillary Clinton's huge Super Tuesday wins, some are wondering if we're still feeling the Bern.

Hell, at least two popular lefty political cartoonists, Mike Peters and Clay Bennett drew some unflattering comics regarding Bernie Sanders' losses.

I remembered not long ago, CNN held a Democratic debate. The web was in awe with Sanders, claiming that he won the debate. But then CNN jumped in and claimed that Hillary won. But then again, this is said by a network whose owner, Time Warner gives millions to Clinton's campaign.

The media also has their polls, all claiming that Hillary's in the lead. OK, so why do I see so many Bernie Sanders ads on TV, especially since his campaign is entirely funded by everyday joes like you and me? I see a lot of Hillary ads, too, but let's remember who funds her: Time Warner, big media conglomerates that benefited when her hubby signed the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and bankers like Goldman Sachs.

Already, the media is telling us that it's Hillary vs. Trump. Obviously, I'll vote for Hillary, albeit grudgingly simply because I don't want a billionaire whose father gave him everything running my country.

As-is, this is more and more reminding me of 2000 when many Democrats simply didn't want Al Gore running the country because of his running mate, DINO Joe Lieberman. Because of this, many Democrats either A) didn't vote or B) voted for a third party candidateWe all knew the end result: we ended up with a cokehead asshole running the country who ignored the warning signs of 9/11, wasted trillions in fake wars and caused too many Americans to lose their jobs and homes.

I look at Donald Trump and wonder what this country would be like if he were president. He thinks that kicking out Mexicans and Muslims is the answer, but how about raising taxes on the wealthy, forcing companies to pay big if they outsourced and creating stronger unions? Oh, yeah, that's Bernie's stance! Hillary? I doubt that as long as Goldman Sachs is on her side, we will see the wealthy paying up.

Remember, Michiganders, the fire's not out yet. Feel the Bern next Tuesday.


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