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3.8.16 Bee-otches of the Day: people who don't vote

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As The The once sang, "This is the day your life is gonna change".

Today is Primary Day here in the great state of Michigan, where we get to choose the Democratic and Republican nominees for president. Here, we don't have registered Democrats or Republicans, just come as you are to the polls with your ID.

Of course, the media has been hammering at us that it will be a race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, both they say will win Michigan. Then again, as the late Paul Harvey once put it, exit polls are the crack cocaine of politics. People will watch the news and think that the person ahead of the polls will and shall win.

But, it doesn't have to be the answer.

Now, I'll admit that I don't normally vote in primaries simply because either way, I'll vote Democrat. But in this case, it's a real, down-to-Earth Democrat (Bernie Sanders) vs. a woman who is a whore for big business (Hillary Clinton). But since the media is overrun by people who are money whores themselves, they cry that Hillary is the winner, every time.

I think many Americans really want a leader for THEM, and that's why I want Bernie Sanders to be our next Commander-in-Chief. If Hillary wins, I would imagine the massive backlash that will be received - especially from Bernie's supporters - who won't vote for her, creating a repeat of 2000. I'll admit that I didn't vote in 2000; I didn't want Repuke wannabe Joe Lieberman to be my Veep. Well, in the end, Dubya won and we all went to Hell with fake wars, 9/11 and the near-collapse of the economy.

The point is that Obama has done a near-damn good job restoring our country to what it was, though yes, there were a few shortcomings thanks to the Tea Party and the media's overpromoting of them. True, the House and Senate is now overrun by bought politicians, but Obama has shown that he can go at it alone. Now, he needs to find a Supreme Court nominee.

So please, people of Michigan, get off your asses and head to the polls. Bernie Sanders needs your help. We need a system that's for the working class and not the wealthy. We need cheaper colleges and better jobs for everybody. We need somebody who has breathed the spirit of FDR into his system and not somebody who will return America back to what it was in 2008 or worse, 1929. If Donald Trump is elected, prepare for the return of the KKK and more war.

Think of it this way: WWII started in 1941, right? Same year Bernie was born. Before it ended, FDR proposed giving Americans free healthcare, free colleges, free homes and so on. Never happened since he died in office. To me, Bernie is a continuation of FDR's dream while Hillary, well, might do a few things her husband did right in office, but that's not good enough.

So do the right thing, Michigan. Vote. 


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