Wednesday, March 23, 2016

3.23.16 Bee-otch of the Day: George W. Bush

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Name: George W. Bush
Age: 69
Occupation: ex-president
Last Seen: Texas
Bee-otched For: helping to cause the Brussels massacre

Yesterday was supposed to be a normal day in Belgium. But it all ended in a few blasts.

Over 30 people have died in the explosions that rocked Brussels' airport and subway system. Like the Paris attacks that happened several months ago, people pointed their fingers at Isis, and the terrorist group accepted responsibility.

When the news broke out yesterday, I thought to myself, "how come the media doesn't mention how Isis was even created?" Simple: maybe it's because I watch NBC News and Dubya's bitch ass ho daughter Jenna is one of their correspondents.

You know, it's sad that the asshole who invaded Iraq and made us the most-hated country in the world is still a free man, living on his compound in Texas while the world is still wiping his ass for all the bullshit he created. There's a lot of right-wingers who beg Obama to go into war with Isis, but we all know the answer: war kills even more people.

Iraq was a nice, peaceful nation before our boots started stomping on the ground over oil. Bush used our own atrocity, 9/11 as an excuse to go over there to fight for oil. Saddam was the bad guy with all the WMD, even though there wasn't any.

All those years and trillions of dollars later, this is what happens. Paris has been attacked twice and now, it's Brussels' turn. When will it end? Will 43 end up in prison where he belongs? Unless Bernie Sanders becomes president, I doubt it. But, anything can happen.

But until then, the only answer to life's problems is simply don't vote Republican.

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