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3.1.16 Bee-otch of the Day: Bill Simonson

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Name: Bill Simonson
Age: 54
Occupation: sports talk moron
Last Seen: Grand Rapids, MI
Bee-otched For: being the probable reason why Eric Zane is out of a job
A few weeks ago, Grand Rapids and other towns were shocked when it was announced that Eric Zane was let go from The Free Beer and Hot Wings morning show.

In the beginning, it was believed that it was due to Zane's outbursts against the shot clock operator during Grand Rapids Drive basketball games. However, Zane and Deltaplex owner Joel Langlois have apparently kissed and made up, even though Zane was let go from the Drive.

According to both sides, they're not at liberty to explain why Zane's on the beach as opposed to being FB&HW's sidekick. But, we now have a hunch as to why he was let go.

Remember this?

For years, FB&HW regularly poked at Huge's abmyssal ratings, especially when they did their "Robot" segments. But apparently, they've cut back on bashing the fat load (and forgive me since I almost never listen to FB&HW since I'm a Howard Stern guy) because in some sense, FB&HW and Huge are now in the same building.

You see, Huge might be locally on WBBL 107.3, which is owned by Cumulus, but Townsquare owns his syndicator, Michigan Talk Network. MTN is the old Michigan Talk Radio Network, which was formerly based in Charlevoix and owned by a fellow named Dave Scott. When it was launched in 2001, MTRN had many well-established legends like Ron Jolly, Bill "The Captain" Vogel and the late Dave Barber. However, in a short time, MTRN was running out of money and most of their hosts left in a hurry. A few years later, Scott sold MTRN to Citadel Broadcasting, who moved it to Lansing. The "Radio" was dropped from their name and MTN started carrying The Huge Show. Then, Citadel merged with Cumulus and after that, Cumulus decided that they needed some extra cash. So, they ended up selling their Kalamazoo, Battle Creek and Lansing clusters to Townsquare. And yes, MTN was part of the deal.

A few days ago, a poster on a FB&HW message board claimed that the two parties were in the middle of a truce, but Zane was the one let go. Townsquare GM Russ Hines was also Cumulus' GM for a while, too and he's a butt buddy to the large one. So, there.

You see, FB&HW has what Huge doesn't, and that's ratings. WGRD and WBBL are at two separate ends of the ratings. Hell, WBBL even lost the Red Wings and Tigers to iHeartMedia not long ago. But what keeps Huge alive is that he has advertisers and some of them are the Grand Rapids elite, such as the DeVos family (Fox Motors), the Loeks family (Celebration! Cinema), the Meijers and the Branns of Branns Steakhouses. These folks have money and love Huge, ratings or not. Hell, Meijer sells Huge's t-shirts and I've even seen an ad for The Huge Show before a movie recently at a Celebration! Cinema. Since many of the aforementioned folks are conservative assholes, it's fitting that they love Huge, especially since I remembered hearing that he loves Rush Limbaugh and when the Iraq War was underway, he told protesters something to the tune of "how would you like it if the Golden Gate Bridge was bombed? How about the Eiffel Tower?" Groan.

But, that's Huge, a man who has a history of legal troubles and even names his kids Ace and Legend. He's fucking jealous that there's better radio talent out there over him while the only thing saving his ass is west Michigan's 1%. But that's OK. The only time I listen to terrestrial radio is when my alarm goes off at 4:30 am in the morning. After that, it's Sirius and internet radio, plus Southpaws on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10 am on WPRR.

Terrestrial radio: fucking over their listeners since 1920. 


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