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11.1.17 Bee-otch of the Day: Donald Trump

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Name: Donald Trump
Age: 71

Occupation: middle schoolgirl
Last Seen: Washington, DC
Bee-otched For: nearing the end... we hope


It all started with a tweet against probably one of the smartest men to ever come out of the great state of Michigan.

On Saturday, Drumpf was nice enough to bash Michael Moore, calling his recent Broadway one-man show "The Terms of My Surrender" a "TOTAL BOMB". Moore, showing that he's a few IQ points higher than the de facto president said in a few tweets of his own that 'Terms' was a limited engagement and was slated to close early as-is so he could focus on his other projects, such as a new prime time TV series and a movie bashing Drumpf called "Fahrenheit 11/9".

In his tweets, Moore touched on our country's never-ending war in Afghanistan, the fact that Puerto Rico is still mostly without power and the fact that Prosecutor Mueller already handed out charges for his right-hand men in regards to collusion with Russia.

Well, even though Paul Manafort and Rick Gates plead not guilty, George Papadopoulos did and Drumpf was nice enough to tweet that there's no collusion in regards to Russia. However on Capitol Hill yesterday, reps from tech giants were grilled in response to Russians putting ads on Facebook and Twitter telling people everything from 69% of all veterans hating Hillary Clinton and an image telling people to text a number to vote for the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee instead of going to the polls to vote for her legally.

Now with the terror attack in New York yesterday, some of Drumpf's supporters claim that if there was a travel ban on certain Arabs, this wouldn't have happened. Oh, really? Are all people from the middle east that barbaric? OK, so what about the asshole who opened fire at the country music fans in Las Vegas? Should we ban all Americans because some are gun-toting assholes?

Look, we need common sense here, not a douchebag who thinks that sitting on the shitter at 3 a.m. while tweeting will solve our problems. Hell, Michael Moore has shown that he can run this country better than Drumpf. Look at what he did to my old hometown of Traverse City, MI: he bought out an abandoned theater, remodeled it and made it into one of the best cinemas in the country. He gave this small town of 15,000 a film festival that's loaded every year with beloved celebrities like Madonna, Leonard Maltin, Roger Corman, Gilbert Gottfried, Patton Oswalt, Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave's Tom Morello and even the woman who played Zuzu from "It's a Wonderful Life" came to town one year. Drumpf? While campaigning last year, he landed his plane at Cherry Capitol Airport, but ended up hightailing it to Cadillac, 50 miles south of town. It's kinda like taking a dump in a stranger's house and not flushing. Of all the major candidates last year, only Bernie Sanders campaigned in TC. Chelsea Clinton campaigned for mommy, but made a royal cunt of herself by proclaiming that marijuana kills people. No wonder why Drumpf won the Rust Belt.

The point is, this country cannot afford another four years of Drumpf, let alone these four years. The sooner we can get this prick out of the White House, the better. Will the Russian connection kill him is a hope for many Americans. If there is, he'll know what it'll feel like to be Nixon.

38% and shrinking, baby!


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