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11.20.17 Hero of the Day: Malcolm Young

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Name: Malcolm Young
Age: was 64
Occupation: founder/rhythm guitarist of AC/DC
Last Seen: paying a visit to his brother, George
Awarded For: giving us High Voltage rock 'n roll

One of the founders of one of a band with "Big Balls" passed away on Saturday.

He might not have been as flashy as his younger brother Angus, but Malcolm Young was still rock royalty as the rhythm guitarist of AC/DC, the band the two created in 1973. Although AC/DC started in Australia, the Youngs were from Scotland. They moved Down Under in 1963 after their parents saw an ad on TV for the country. Scotland had a wicked winter and had enough with the snow and cold. Many from the UK were now moving to Australia and that's where Angus and Malcolm's older brother, George helped to create The Easybeats in the early 60s. All of the band's members were from the UK, though they had become expatriated to Australia. 

Of course, Angus and Malcolm wanted to be like their older brother, so they formed AC/DC in 1973. In their 44 years together, they've sold over 200 million albums, including over 70 million here in America alone. Although Angus - dressed like a schoolboy - was the face and image of the band, some say it was Malcolm who was the true brains behind the band and was one of the best rhythm guitarists in rock. In 1988, he temporarily left the band to handle his drinking issues - similar to what killed former lead singer Bon Scott in 1980 at 33 - but returned sober. 

Sadly, Malcolm left the band in 2014 because it was discovered that he had dementia. He was replaced by his nephew, Stevie, who is only two years younger than him. Malcolm's absence could not come at a worse time for the band since longtime lead singer Brian Johnson was forced to retire due to hearing loss. Plus, drummer Phil Rudd was fired for threatening to kill somebody and bassist Cliff Williams retired. The current lineup of AC/DC is made up of Angus and Stevie Young, drummer Chris Slade (who drummed with the band from 1989-1994 and returned after Rudd's departure) and some no-name singer who's also in a band called "Rose and Guns" or something. I think is name is Axel. Anyway, the band currently has no bassist. 

Just a few weeks ago, Angus and Malcolm's older brother, George passed away. Alongside The Easybeats, he had a decent producing career, even producing several of AC/DC's albums. Now, it's Malcolm's turn. Losing both George and Malcolm only weeks apart has got to be tough on Angus and my thoughts are with him and his family. AC/DC gave us the soundtrack of our lives and their music lives on. Hell, I'm proud to say that AC/DC's April 1996 appearance at The Palace of Auburn Hills was my first rock concert, ever. I was 14 and it was an experience I'll never forget, seeing my first-ever rock stars in the flesh. 

I came to rock, and today, I salute the great Malcolm Young. May he rock in peace.


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