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11.27.17 Bee-otches of the Day: The Koch Brothers

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Names: Charles and David Koch
Ages: 82, 77
Occupation: billionaire buttmunches
Last Seen: Kansas
Bee-otched For: making Time run out

Time MagazineSports IllustratedPeople and Entertainment Weekly are soon going to be in the same stable as Better Homes and GardensMartha Stewart LivingFamily Circle and the CBS-TV affiliate in Flint and the Tri Cities here in Michigan.

With a little help from two of the most-putrid assholes of mankind.

The Meredith Corporation is buying Time, Inc. for $2.8 billion, $650 million of which is being financed by ultra-conservative Republicans Charles and David Koch. Meredith released a statement that the Kochs will not have any influence on their editorial procedures, nor will they have a seat on their board.

Bear in mind that Time is a favorite of Drumpf's, especially when they made him Person of the Year in 2016, complete with devil horns.

Time, Inc. was a huge publisher in its heyday. It was a force to be reckoned with when in 1989 they merged with Warner Communications to become the media giant Time Warner. Of course, it became AOL Time Warner when they merged with the internet giant, but that got spun off as more and more people were switching from soulless dial-up internet to blazing fast fiber-optic speeds. The same thing happened with the print industry and like AOL, TW ended up spinning off Time, Inc. in 2014, although the company still has Time in their name. Bear in mind that AT&T has proposed merging with TW for over $100 billion.

And by the way, the Meredith/Time buyout thankfully doesn't involve Mad Magazine, which is still in the TW stable. It's now the only magazine TW owns, which might be a reason why they're relocating to Burbank in 2018 after spending all 65 years of its life in New York.

The situation is that the Kochs will do anything to influence our minds. Look at what they did to NPR: when they started funding public radio, they they cut back their coverage of global warming and other environmental issues. I expect the same thing for Time and their sisters. What's even more sad is that Meredith's namesake was a Democrat and a champion for agriculture. Plus, most of Meredith's publications are all geared towards women. I'll betcha most of them don't want to be grabbed by the pussy.

But in the case of Time, I think it's time to give its female readers a jock strap.


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