Tuesday, November 7, 2017

11.7.17 Bee-otch of the Day: the idiot who smacked into my car

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Name: unknown
Age: old
Occupation: probably retired
Last Seen: near the intersection of 28th and Breton, Grand Rapids, MI
Bee-otched For: piss-poor driving


Last week, I was thinking about my last car accident and how thankful I was not to be in one with my current car.

Well, sometimes, even thinking can jinx something.

On Friday, I had finished shopping at Aldi and was sitting at the exit lane, waiting for traffic to clear. Suddenly, I felt a huge thud from the rear of my car. Somebody lovingly rear-ended me. Traffic cleared and I went. I wanted to see if there was a shoulder on the side of 28th Street so I could assess my damage. There wasn't. Meanwhile, the asshole who hit me passed me on the left, speeding down the street. He honked at me and he and his wife were giving me a stink-eye. They were driving a red pickup truck - like the one pictured above - and had a Michigan license plate with a handicapped symbol on it.

I finally was able to pull into a business to assess the damage. Thankfully, it was only a black mark on my bumper. But, still, what an asshole.

As many people know, Grand Rapids is a quickly-growing city, so yes, drivers are becoming more and more idiotic. As a matter of fact, the day before my little fender bender, I was behind a young woman who was sitting at a right turn intersection and she just sat there despite her having the right of way. When the light turned green, she finally started driving down the street and she made me sit through ANOTHER red light. I looked over and whad'ya know, she was texting. A definite SMH moment.

Here in Grand Rapids, there's a YouTube user named "Mr Roadside616" who works as a roadside assistant. He takes videos of idiot drivers who cut lanes, turn onto one way lanes in the wrong direction, red light runners and other assholes who need to have their licenses taken away. Some of his videos have thousands of views, including one that featured a van that cut through five lanes of traffic at the S-Curve. When I get a new cell phone, probably next month, I might convert my current phone into a windshield camera for my car so I can catch bad drivers.

Yes, we're only human, but the thing is, when people can't drive worth a shit, they shouldn't drive, period. I wouldn't be too surprised if that asshole who smacked into me was old and didn't see well. After all, he had a handicapped emblem on his license plate. Maybe it's time to force all drivers 65 and over to yearly drivers exams. From what I've heard, a lot of them get automatic drivers license renewals, even though they're unfit to drive.

Remember, you don't own the road.


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