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11.2.17 Bee-otch of the Day: Papa John Schnatter

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Name: "Papa John" Schnatter
Age: 55

Occupation: founder/president/CEO, Papa John's Pizza
Last Seen: Jeffersonville, KY
Bee-otched For: blaming black people for his problems


Papa John Schnatter is surely the black sheep in the world of pizza.

I'll admit, I used to like his pizza, but because he's turned into a right-winged goon who whips up a piece of cardboard, string cheese and Campbell's tomato soup and calls it pizza.

And don't be fooled by the pepper they put in the boxes, either.

Yesterday, Papa John told his shareholders that sales have been sagging at his pizzerias because he's a big sponsor of the NFL and their players kneeling for the National Anthem are causing their fans to turn them off.

In a statement to the shareholders, Papa said, "This should have been nipped in the bud a year and a half ago. Like many sponsors, we are in contact with the NFL and once the issue is resolved between the players and the owners, we are optimistic that the NFL’s best years are ahead. But good or bad, leadership starts at the top, and this is an example of poor leadership." In the statement, he did not mention NFL commissioner Roger Goodall by name. However, Goodall has expressed his anger towards players who kneel.

Of course, this is coming from a man who is worth $800 million and lives in a $30 million home and yet he pays his employees shit wages and even cut their hours, blaming everything on Obamacare. Oddly enough, Papa John's sales are up, but their stock is down.

You know, Papa John was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His father owned a bar and John rented out a broom closet in the bar to make his pizzas. Of course, business grew and eventually, John franchised. However, the black athletes who kneel in front of the National Anthem do so because they didn't have that silver spoon that John had. They grew up poor, living in the middle of high crime on the streets. They had to work twice as hard - maybe even more - than people like Papa John to get to where they are now. With Papa John's boyfriend, Drumpf calling these people "sons of bitches" out of disrespect, no wonder why they kneel.

Earlier today, I saw a graphic comparing the late, great Mike Ilitch, the founder of Little Caesars and Papa John. Ilitch cared a lot about his customers and the city of Detroit. He actually worked hard and had a wonderful life in the process. Plus, he gave a lot back, even paying Rosa Parks' rent for the rest of her life. That cannot he said for Papa John, since Ilitch didn't have to rely on daddy. Nope! Just hard work and the know-how when it comes to making pizza. Plus, I prefer Little Caesars Pizza over Papa John's any day, and to make things worse for PJ's, Little Caesars is WAY cheaper than PJ's and they use fresh ingredients.

So there you go. Papa John is a very sad, delusional man. I think he probably went to Drumpf University for his business school training, because he acts like it.

And you thought Sbarro was the worst pizza out there.


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