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2.1.12 Bee-otch of the Day: WKLT/Traverse City's Omelette

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Name: "Omelette"
Age: ??
Occupation: Grade 'A' Stern clone morning man, WKLT
Last Seen: Traverse City, MI
Bee-otched For: proving that he's a pure asshole

As you long-time Chuckamaniacs know, I hate WKLT.

Growing up in northern Michigan, I was a rock guy who loved KoRn, Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against the Machine and Tool. But since they were the only rocker in town, they had a license to suck, ODing on late 70's butt rock 24/7. Even worse, they seemed to have a new morning show every two minutes, showing how much they valued their jocks.

Now, I think they've had their longest-running morning man in their 30 year history, and it's Omelette.

First, it was Omelette and Charly, as in Charly Kaye. However, Kaye moved to Las Vegas, but in an interview with the Northern Express in 2007, he claimed that she was fired. Kaye is now working at a station down south, and when she made her press release, she made no mention of KLT.

Of course, there was Finster, who like Omelette came from Connecticut. The two together basically revamped the morning show into another Stern clone show, complete with their own Wack Pack, the Misfits.

And despite being #1 in the morning ratings, even beating out Bob and Tom on Classic Rock The Bear (98.1/107.1), Finster was canned just after Christmas. Now, the program is known as Omelette and Friends, which sounds more like a fucking kids show on Nick Jr.

So, how's Scrambled Eggs doing after the split? Apparently, not so good. According to a website devoted to people rating morning shows, people are now calling Omelette flying solo lame. One person claimed that it was like Abbot losing Costello. About all the posters claim that it just isn't funny anymore.

But here's what grinds my gears about the show: their Misfits. Guess what one of their names is? "Stuttering Mike". Sound familiar? Yep, they have a stutterer, alongside a drunk girl (Pammy, who's also a weekend jock), some dude who apparently is a hippie (Big Daddy Tie Die), some broad named Krazy Karen and even a quasi-celeb: Anthony Ciccone.

Yes, apparently, Madonna's homeless brother is now on the station's payroll.

I know, Omelette's doing this to try to get into the big time so he can leave that pop stand known as KLT and not look back. However, I love the fact that idiots like the Religious Right have attacked Howard for years over exploiting the handicapped but when it comes to local pricks like Omelette, feh, no biggie.

True, I wish I could support Free Beer and Hot Wings and Real Rock 105 and 95-5 more, but after Cartman threw me under the bus five years ago (long story), ain't gonna happen. Thanks, but I'd rather pay to hear uncensored Howard Stern on my Sirius over the lame excuse for radio everybody's doing up north. As a matter of fact, I think he called me, and asked for his show back.

Imitation is the biggest form of flattery, ain't it?
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