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2.29.12 Bee-otch of the Day: Mitt Romney's supporters

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Last Seen: Michigan and Arizona
Bee-otched For: voting for a dumbass
Congratulations, Michigan and Arizona! You have chosen a man whose real name is "Willard" to take on President Obama in November.

Yep! You could have voted for the Jebus freak whose name basically means anal lube, the wife-cheater or Ron Paul, but you chose the mega-millionaire who promises to abolish better healthcare for millions of Americans and throw us back into Bush's fake war over oil. I know, NONE of the Republican choices will beat Obama, but IMO, Willard's one of the worst.

Ya know, I find it weird that people in Michigan would want to vote for Willy. After all, didn't he tell people that he had hoped that Detroit would go bankrupt? Willard, Willard, WILLARD! SHAME ON YOU for blasting the town you were born in! I know, Daddy once ran a sub-par car company that eventually went belly-up and its spare parts became Chrysler's, but that's no way to talk about the people in your ex-home state.

So, when you're president, will you end up chastising GM for being saved by Obama, causing it to falter once again, causing Toyota to once again have an edge over the American auto market? I hope not. Under Bush, Detroit - and the whole state of Michigan for that matter - ended up in the crapper because of bad decisions made by everybody. GM really fucked up when they made over a million Hummers in a year and only sold 300,000. Now, thanks to "Government Motors", they're making Volts that yes, cost as much as a Cadillac, but have high gas mileage and reduce our dependency on oil.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, they haven't done anything to keep gas prices low, but you know, there's still a ton of big, gas guzzling trucks and SUVs on the road. That, plus the Chinese needing their Buicks and the problems with Iran equal to us having $4 per gallon gas and it's not even Summer yet.

But ya know, Democrats CAN vote in primaries, too. Yeah, there's the Ron Paul crowd, although many know that he's nothing more than a wolf in sheep's clothing. But as Michael Moore put it on Twitter, I could have voted today, but I don't have Republican in my blood.

Folks, it ain't over, we still have Super Tuesday to blow through and it's still anybody's game. What many are hoping is that one can beat Obama, but it's not gonna happen. With a 50% approval rating and new jobs being created left and right, he should breeze through November easily. People need to get their heads out of Fox News Channel and AM talk radio and face the facts. America's coming back, and it's not because of the Republicans.

It's because of a Yes We Can attitude.

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