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2.6.12 Bee-otch of the Day: Pete Hoekstra

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Name: Pete Hoekstra
Age: 58
Occupation: Congressman
Last Seen: Holland, MI
Bee-otched For: being a super dumbass

First off, today is a new day here at

After eight or so years of using a grandfathered PC that my stepfather gave me for my birthday, I have finally shelled out some $$$ for a neat new laptop. Plus, I have a new router. Free wi-fi at my place! It feels so good to actually be in the 2010s. Now, if I had more free tax return bucks, I could buy a new bed, a new couch, a new house, a new this, a new that....

But yes, back to reality. And reality is, 1) my laptop will probably be out of date in six months or so and 2) Pete Hoekstra is another Hollander that should have stayed in the Netherlands, visited some brothels and enjoyed the happy life. But, he immigrated to America at age three. Sadly, it seems that country has it all: hookers and pot, and their assholes end up here.

Currently, Hoekstra's the former congressman who served for Michigan's 2nd congressional district. However, he stepped down last year to focus on his run for Michigan governor. He ultimately lost to fellow Republican Rick Snyder, who as everybody knows is very unpopular. Bear in mind that Snyder only won because he ran with lots and lots of money and even ran his first ad during the 2010 Super Bowl.

But, guess what? Hoekstra's now running for Junior US senator against incumbent Debbie Stabenow, who is running for her third term in office. So guess what happened this past weekend? He paid several NBC affiliates in the great state of Michigan to run an ad that blasts Stabenow's record of sending jobs and money to the Chinese.

The ad starts off with an Asian woman, using broken English thanking Stabenow for giving her people all our jobs and money, adding on to our National Debt. In the ad, she calls the senator "Debbie Spend it Now". In the end of the commercial, Hoekstra tells his fans that he's "Pete Spend it Not", claiming that he's not in the business of sending jobs and money overseas.

You can see the ad on this website, which is just as racist as the ad itself.

But, hold it now, Hoekstra's far from perfect, you see.

In 2008, Pete was nice enough to vote for the bailout that caused our great country to collapse into recession. Yep, Hoekstra's just another hardcore conservative who lies out of his ass and calls himself perfect. Plus, using an Asian woman to act against people of her own race to jab at his competition? Ya know, there was a man who did something similar to her decades ago, and his name was Stepin Fetchit.

This is the main reason why I vote Democrat, Chuckamaniacs. To me, Pete Hoekstra's taking a chapter out of the Rick Snyder playbook and using the Super Bowl to throw the general public into his trap. In the end, Hoekstra's going to end up as one of the biggest assholes in politics. Debbie, OTOH, is well-established and has done a good job taking care of Michigan. Heck, she's a HUGE supporter of bringing back the Fairness Doctrine, which would force radio stations to bring back liberal viewpoints instead of being all-Rush, all the time. I'm not real fond of the Dutch, especially here in Grand Rapids who pretend that their shit don't stink. This November, we need to go to the polls to show Pete Spend-a-lot that using racism in attack ads won't get out anywhere. Airing the ad during the Super Bowl won't get you anywhere, either.

Maybe if that girl said "Me So Hohny", I would have given his campaign a second look.
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