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11.12.14 Bee-otch of the Day: Bill Cosby

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Name: Bill Cosby
Age: 77
Occupation: angry old man
Last Seen: ??
Bee-otched For: getting pwnt on Twitter
For over 50 years, Bill Cosby has proven to the world that a black dude can be classy.

True, he doesn't cuss on stage and he tells kids on how to live their life, but while he tells young black men to pull up their pants, he doesn't do the same when he sees a young, beautiful woman.

In recent months, Cosby's career has been in somewhat turmoil because it was revealed that he settled a case out of court regarding a woman who claimed that the comedy legend raped her. Since then, 14 more women have claimed that Cosby raped them, with some cases dating back all the way to the 1970's.

Several weeks ago, comedian Hannibal Buress launched a tirade on Cosby during one of his stand-up acts calling him a rapist and stating that he had a "Teflon image". Since then, Queen Latifah had canceled an appearance from Cosby on her show and some critics have trashed him for having a two-faced image.

But now, the Cos has a cause for alarm, and it's because on Monday, he released a Tweet asking his fans to "meme me!", well, he soon learned that not all his friends on Twitter are his friends at all. Type in "#CosbyMeme" on Twitter, and you get such images as Cosby wearing headphones with the caption "now I can't hear you say 'no'", another with the picture of Cosby above with the caption "define drugged", another with Cos wearing a brown hat with the caption "drugged teens say that darndest things!" And so on, and so on....

But yes, Bill Cosby is a hypocrite, my friends. He's a man who used Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids to teach kids about saying no to drugs, smoking and even porn, but he would smoke big fat cigars and hang out at the Playboy Mansion all the time. Yes, that's the great Bill Cosby, folks: a Teflon prick who deserves to have all those memes shot at him on Twitter. Maybe if he could step up, be a man and admit that he raped all those women years ago, he could show some sign of dignity. But, God no! He's too committed to Camille, his wife of 50 years. And monkeys fly out of my ass.

I'm no racist, but if I published a dictionary, I would show a picture of Bill Cosby to illustrate the n-word. 


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