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11.6.14 Bee-otches of the Day: The Democratic Party

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Name: The Democratic Party
Age: 186
Occupation: supposed left-wing political party of the U.S.
Last Seen: Washington, DC
Bee-otched For: making a whole lotta mistakes
---Well, this will be an interesting and awkward next two years.

Of course, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that Congress and the Senate will now hold Republican majorities for the next four years after their victory Tuesday night. Many put the blame on President Obama, others blame the Koch Brothers and quite simply, society is to blame.

Or maybe, just maybe, the Democratic Party itself has turned into, ahem, "Republican Lite"?

Yes, that's what some people are referring to the Democrats now: Republican Lite. In order to get votes in red states, the Democrats have tried diligently to appeal to traditional Republicans simply by refusing some traditional Democratic policies to appeal to them. But in the process, it alienates the Democrats' most-liberal supporters, which explains why even at a 14% approval rating, Congress is still in the red, and some believe that they will continue to own the House until 2022.

But it's true: the Democrats are simply losing ground because instead of staying liberal, they're taking too many steps back and attracting an audience that's out of their league. To me, a Democrat trying to get Republican voters reminds me of what's been happening to modern rocker WGRD here in Grand Rapids as of late. They've been adding more classics to their playlist to attract listeners to WLAV who've been slightly alienated by Detroit Tiger games airing on the station. The result? They crashed from a 6.9 last Spring to a 5.2 in the Summer. It could be worse: they could take some listeners away from country B93 by playing Taylor Swift and Garth Brooks, but then I would be thankful that I listen to my music on the internet these days.

You see, we need another FDR in the house. However, Obama is *you guessed it* Republican Lite. He is a Democrat, but since he's been weak to fight against Congress and hasn't done a whole lot of anything since Obamacare was passed, it's no wonder why many of his far-left supporters like Michael Moore have abandoned him. I remember his political ads from 2008 where they talked about creating a moderate health care initiative instead of going with full-blown government-run healthcare. But even with the ADA being passed into law, we're still behind other nations with a single-payer healthcare system, like Canada or England.

Sometimes, I look into history and wonder, when did the Democrats fuck up? FDR saved America's ass and created the middle class thanks to him jacking up taxes for the wealthy, which were needed. However, he died in 1945 and his policies died over time. Sadly, Truman had to deal with a Republican senate and house, which killed him, and JFK was a man of promise whose life was cut short because of an assassin's bullet. LBJ lost lots of credo over Vietnam and Jimmy Carter, well, didn't do much. Of course, that allowed Reagan to really fuck up the system with his tax cuts for the wealthy. In my 30 years on Earth, the only president that has come close to being a true liberal was Clinton, but he had his problems. He allowed Telecom '96 to totally fuck up the broadcast industry and killed jobs in radio and TV. He passed NAFTA and even worse, allowed Al-Quida to use American soil to train for 9/11.

Clearly, I could go on. But thanks to Al Gore choosing a Teflon Democrat, Joe Lieberman to run with him in the 2000 election, once again, Democrats felt abandoned and Bush was (almost) guaranteed a victory. Just imagine if Gore chose a REAL Democrat to run as his Veep: 9/11 would have never happened, we wouldn't have to fight the war in Iraq, 7,000 innocent souls would still be alive and gas prices would be ridiculously low because he would force automakers to make cars reliant on alternative energy over pollutants. But, nope! Just another Democrat trying to attract somebody from the wrong team.

Folks, if the Dems want voters again, they need to get their fucking tail from between their legs and DO THEIR FUCKING JOB. When Obama was elected president, we had Dems in all three houses. THE FIRST THING THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE IS BEGIN PROCEEDINGS FOR GEORGE W. BUSH FOR HIS WAR CRIMES. But, nope! He's a free man despite the fact that he's wanted in several countries for war crimes.

IMHO, Obama is a helluva lot better than Bush, but he's far from perfect. Yes, unemployment has dropped and gas is at its lowest in years, but he has got to stop being a centralist and be a true leader. He needs to quit alienating the left AND the right! PICK A SIDE!

In the end, I hope Tuesday's disaster doesn't end in a Repuke taking over the White House again in 2016. Even more, I hope it's NOT a Bush. I kinda hope that it's not Hillary, either since she took bribe money from the right in the 1990's to not do a thing about improving healthcare. I don't mind Joe Biden running, but will he win?

2016 seems to be a long time away.


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