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11.13.14 Bee-otch of the Day: society

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Name: society
Age: ageless
Occupation: life
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Bee-otched For: causing people to skip the polls
If you were on Facebook yesterday, chances are that you couldn't escape the sight of Kim Kardashian's giant ass.

The proud wife of Kanye West popped her prized pumped pooper for Paper Magazine, and the interwebs went wild. Of course, many were disgusted with Kim's decision to show the world her exposed tush, some even pointing out that well, she's a mom. Thankfully, comic Chelsea Handler came out a few hours later with a shot of her bum in a selfie. Not shabby for a woman who has done semi-nudity for Playboy and those shower sketches on her now-canceled E! show. For a woman pushing 40, Chelsea has picked a good time to show the goods.

But while the world is getting a stiffy from looking at celebrity booty, it's time for me to play Debbie Downer.

On Tuesday, a piece of bad news broke that hardly got a wink of notice: last Tuesday's mid-term elections were not very well-attended.

As a matter of fact, it was the least-attended mid-term election since 1942, when many of our men were serving in World War II. The United States Elections Project reports that just 36.3% of all eligible voters voted a week ago Tuesday. Only seven states had more than half their eligible voters voting and no state even cracked 60% of total voters. Even worse, the country's three largest states - California, New York and Texas - only had a 1/3 of eligible voters voting and New York only had a 28% voter turnout.

For the record, my state, Michigan was 17th place with a 42.7% turnout, tied with Connecticut.

So, why the low turnout? Simple. People are not happy with the current political system in America. 53% of people polled are unhappy with the Democrats while 56% have that same grief with the Republicans. The Republicans are turning more and more towards the wealthy while the Democrats are becoming more moderate to get more conservatives on their side. Plus, let's not forget the multitudes of negative political ads that aired during the election that turned off voters and caused them to flip channels.

You know, I wonder why people - even Democrats - hate Obama. True, he just threw 1,500 more troops to Iraq to fight the continuation of the war Dubya started over a decade ago, but overall, you gotta remember that since he took over the presidency, unemployment has fallen in half and best of all, he captured Osama. Bush couldn't do jack shit in the eight years in office since he was worried about maintaining his father's failed legacy.

It's too bad that Americans decided to stay home or come straight home from work instead of electing our leaders. I hope that people will learn that Obama can't run the country himself. Instead of passing laws that will benefit the Americans, the only employers who will end up benefiting are the companies that make stamp ink for Obama's veto stamp.

But in happier news, maybe if you're nice, Ms. Handler will show off her cooch in a few weeks. 


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