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11.19.14 Bee-otch of the Day: Bill Cosby

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Name: Bill Cosby
Age: 77
Occupation: therapist with a space between the e and the r
Last Seen: ??
Bee-otched For: allowing the hits to keep on coming...

Since we honored Dr. Cosby (and why he's considered a doctor is beyond sad) on Monday, two more women have revealed that they were raped by the comedic legend.

Joan Tarshis was just 19 and an aspiring actress when she claimed that the Cos raped her in 1969. She claimed that the two were working on his first Cosby Show for NBC (The Bill Cosby Show) when he invited her over to his bungalow. He made her a cocktail and she remembered waking up on his couch while he was taking off her clothes. However, she was conscious enough to tell him that she had an infection on her vagina and that if he had sex with her, his wife, Camille would catch it. So, he simply performed oral sex on her.

However, Tarshis was attacked twice by Cosby; the next time, she was drinking with him at a theatre when she felt shaky. The next thing she remembered was waking up next to him at a hotel.

And like many of Cosby's victims, she told nobody because they would believe her.

But that's not all! Model Janice Dickinson revealed on last night's Entertainment Tonight that Cosby raped her in 1982 while she was auditioning for a role on The Cosby Show while it was under development. She was fresh out of rehab and Cosby invited her over to dinner. He gave her a pill for stomach pains and some red wine. The next thing she noticed was that she wasn't wearing pajamas and Cosby was on top of her. She tried to talk about it in her 2002 autobiography, but Cosby and his lawyers C&D'd her from doing so.

Meanwhile, an ironic - and frightening - stand up bit Cosby did in 1969 called "Spanish Fly" has surfaced, with the comedian talking about how we was trying to score the date rape drug.

You know, it's sad that a man that had been well-respected for decades is now looked at as somebody who deserves to be locked up for having some really, really, REALLY sick skeletons in his closet. It's amazing at the number of women that were his victims over the years and FINALLY, people are taking the wool off their eyes. William Henry Cosby needs to tell his side of the story instead of hiding behind his lawyers. Personally, he's nothing more than a fraud who got his respect only because he's black. If he was a white dude, he would have fallen into obscurity 50 years ago because simply, he's not funny.

A few nights ago on NBC Nightly News, an internet expert claims that the allegations will die down. OK, so is OJ Simpson the murderer? 20 years later...

Something tells me that there's probably a few more girls in the pipeline.


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