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11.4.14 Bee-otches of the Day: non-voters

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---Today is one of the most-important days of the year.

Today is the day that we can create our destiny for the next two years. If you're happy with your life, you vote for the incumbent politician. If not, you vote for the other guy.

The mid-term elections are today, and here in the great state of Michigan, current governor Rick Snyder (R) is neck-and-neck in the polls against Mark Schauer (D). It can be anybody's race.

Of course, the media is looking at many races across the country, and they keep stating that this will be a great year for the Republicans, mainly because President Obama's approval rating is at 46%, give or take. But what they don't tell you is that Congress' approval rating is even worse: 14%.

Bear in mind on who controls the news. Ever watch the commercials during major network newscasts? I've seen ads for BP, the organization that is promoting fracking and even during the early morning newscasts, I've seen ads for Brawn paper towels, Angel Soft toilet paper, Sparkle paper towels and Quilted Northern toilet paper -- all produced by the Koch Brothers.

You see, it's money that fuels what people like Brian Williams, David Muir and Scott Pelley all say during their 6:30 p.m. newscasts. They're being forced to say that Obama's policies don't work and that too many people are now at a disadvantage because of Obamacare. They are saying what the Koch Brothers want them to say: the Republicans will claim victory today.

But, we can all tell the big networks that today will be a huge upset because we voted and showed the bad guys a lesson.

You see, anybody who doesn't vote tomorrow is a huge loser. They've allowed others to vote for them and have their people run their state and country. What's worse is that the people least likely to vote today are the 18-34-year-olds who are too comfortable living in mommy and daddy's basement watching Game of Thrones and working for low pay. You see, I've been on my own since I was 21 and I don't have mommy and daddy to lean on. I have to work, I have to pay rent and I have to eat. My dad's retired and is trying to save every penny he has and my mother is working in retail and barely making it herself. Neither of them live here in Michigan.

This is why I vote, folks. I want the working poor to become the middle class again. If I have kids someday, I want them to have the best education and the best jobs. But right now, it's not happening because of the crooks in Congress who think that Obamacare is the Antichrist and we're all going to lose.

So, here's my final plea: I don't care how old you are or how opinionated you are, either. But today, PLEASE VOTE! If you don't, then you don't have any real rights at all. If you lose your job because of outsourcing or if your taxes increase, I can proudly proclaim: "don't look at me! I didn't vote for Snyder!"

See you at the polls!


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