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1.12.15 Bee-otch of the Day: Kid Rock

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Name: Robert "Kid Rock" Ritchie
Occupation: sell-out
Last Seen: Detroit
Bee-otched For: still producing shit
Man, do I miss the early 2000's.

Back then, rock music wasn't all melodic crap or wuss music. And most of all, Kid Rock wasn't all that bad.

I'll admit, Kid Rock's stuff back then was, well, cool. He had major successes with hits such as "I Am The Bullgod" and "Bawitaba". His first few albums were great, but then, he totally became a sell-out.

To me, "So Hott" was pretty much his Jump The Shark moment. But, he jumped a bigger shark with "All Summer Long", which mashes his experiences spending his summers in my old homeland of northern Michigan with one of the most-overrated and racist rock bands of all time, Lynyrd Skynyrd. Even worse, the tune crossed over to the country charts, which makes the tune even more puke-worthy.

But guess what? Rock pulled another Fonz again when he endorsed Mitt Romney as president in 2012. Funny, since he's the son of a successful car dealer from Detroit and Romney promised to "shut Detroit down" as president. To me, it showed that Kid Rock was no longer the rich white kid who would cross over to the ghettos of Detroit and showed off his intense DJ skills on Sears turntables in front of poor black folks. He was a teabagger kissing the wealthy's ass.

Now, he has released the latest single and even though it's a little harder than his stuff in recent years, it still sucks. It's called "First Kiss" and it's about his, well, first kiss. The video shows Rock parading around a small town in a pickup truck with huge tires. Oddly enough, no car company logos were seen on the truck (even though the truck the younger Rock was driving in the video was a Chevy), which makes me think that they're not too happy to endorse a man who endorsed a bigger asshole who wanted to kill Detroit.

I think it's sad how Kid Rock's politics are these days. A man who only charges $20 per ticket because he "cares for the middle class", yet he kisses the asses of a political party that damn near wiped the middle class off the face of the Earth. The bailout of GM was successful and now, they're making cars that are more fuel-efficient and even more, they purged themselves of the gas-guzzling Hummer. Oh, and explain one reason why gas is so cheap these days? It's because people are filling up less thanks to fuel efficiency.

But as long as people are stupid enough to buy his albums, he can jump more sharks than he could imagine. Hell, maybe his next album will be of him taking a shit, and it will still sell a million copies.

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