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1.28.15 Bee-otch of the Day: Sam Smith

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Name: Sam Smith
Age: 22
Occupation: singer
Last Seen: England
Bee-otched For: 
proving that he's a one hit wonder that needs to pay up
Any fan of King of the Hill knows the story of Lucky Kleinschmidt.

He was the husband of Luann who won a $43,000 settlement against Costco when he "slipped on pee-pee" in the mens bathroom. But the man who played Lucky won a major settlement himself.

Rock legend Tom Petty will now be getting royalties from Sam Smith's yawn-worthy ballad from last year, "Stay With Me", plus a songwriting credit with fellow Traveling Wilbury Jeff Lynne of Electric Light Orchestra fame, who both claimed the tune sounded too similar to Petty's 1989 hit "I Won't Back Down".


Now, in the case of Smith, he wasn't even born yet when "I Won't Back Down" was released in 1989. He wasn't born until 1992. He even claims that he wasn't even thinking of the song when he wrote "Stay With Me", a tune that was a huge hit for him last Summer. But, this is the latest slap in the face for Smith, who was recently bashed on Howard Stern's radio show because of his effeminate image (Smith is publicly gay) and for being "fat and ugly". Smith himself Tweeted that he's ignoring Stern and his critics.

Of course, stealing one's song is nothing new. Just ask George Harrison (whose "My Sweet Lord" was a supposed rip-off of The Chiffons' "He's So Fine" though Harrison claims that he was inspired by the public domain "Oh, Happy Day") or Sid and Marty Krofft (who were successfully sued by Paul Simon because the theme to HR Pufinstuffsounded too closely to "The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feeling Groovy)"). Usually when somebody successfully sues a songwriter for ripping them off, they end up getting credited and grabbing some of the tune's royalties.

Sadly, even in rock, imitation is quite prevalent. Just ask Metallica, whose 1991 classic "Sad But True" was recently ripped off by Avenged Sevenfold for their more-recent tune "This Means War". Even lead singer M. Shadows claims that yes, "Sad But True" 'inspired' "This Means War", though none of the members of Metallica are even credited on the recording.

The point is, when a musician rips off another and their tune ends up bigger than the original, damn right it's a good time to lawyer up. "Stay With Me" went to #1 while "I Won't Back Down" made it to #12 on the pop charts. To me, yes, Sam can sing, but he's just another wussy mama's boy whose image gets pussy, even though vagina is not his private part of choice.

Man, I wish the record companies and radio stations would realize that rock that's original still exists.... 


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