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1.22.15 Bee-otch of the Day: WFQX/Fox 32

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Name: WFQX Fox 32
Age: 26
Occupation: TV station
Last Seen: Cadillac, MI
Bee-otched For: choosing money over content
This weekend will be a sad one for football fans. For the first time in months, the only NFL fix fans will be getting is from the Pro Bowl Sunday night.

Of course, CBS and Fox will have to air something else, too; both networks will be airing college basketball. But northern Michigan's Fox station will also devote three hours to a marathon. But, not just any marathon, it's a three-hour beg-a-thon from the controversial 700 Club.

That's right! It's time for the yearly 700 Club Super Sunday beg-a-thon where Pat Robertson and his buddies ask you to get out your wallets to give to his ministry. After all, the helipad at his mansion in Virginia doesn't re-pave itself! Plus, he needs fuel to fly to his diamond mines in Africa.

Sadly, there's still two stations in Michigan that carry The 700 Club: Detroit's WMYD/20, which was purchased by the Scripps company (whose slogan is ironically "Give light and the people will find their own way") last year, making them co-owned with ABC affiliate WXYZ/7. And then, there's WFQX Fox 32, which makes them the only station affiliated with a top four network in Michigan to carry the show.

In the past several years, Pat Robertson has used his show to attack gays, the middle class, liberals and other groups to scare them all to give to him. He and Jerry Falwell claimed that 9/11 was triggered by gays, he claimed that tornadoes and other disasters were all caused by people ignoring God and so on. Sadly, any TV station that sells themselves out for The 700 Club has shown that they care more about money than content.

And that, my friends, is Fox 32.

Fox 32 has carried The 700 Club since 2007 when WGTU ABC 29&8 dropped the show when it was sold to Barrington Broadcasting. Because Fox 32 and sister CBS affiliate WWTV 9&10 are locally co-owned by Heritage Broadcasting, they are notorious for carrying lots of paid programming and occasionally news stories that are really commercials. Recently, while covering grocery stores on Thanksgiving, 9&10 predominately featured the Ric's Food Center in Mt. Pleasant and even featured their logo on a shopping bag as a lead-in graphic to the story.

Reportedly, Fox 32 is paid $40,000 yearly to carry The 700 Club.

The point is, there's a TON of syndicated shows that don't have homes in northern Michigan. Yet, Fox 32 wastes their time airing Pat Robertson's idiotic hate. But that's northern Michigan, where there's four TV stations owned by two companies. One bows to Pat Robertson and his drivel and another, Sinclair - which owns NBC WPBN 7&4 and 29&8 - is famous for their stance against Democrats. Want a liberal media in northern Michigan? Well, at least there's the Northern Express-er, never mind, especially since their stories are becoming more watered down, plus the fact that they now carry Glenn McCoy's hate-filled cartoons ever since that paper was sold.

I guess it's up to the people up north to use the internet to tell the truth.


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