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1.14.15 Bee-otch of the Day: Cumulus Media

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Name: Cumulus Media
Age: 18

Occupation: media giant
Last Seen: Atlanta, GA
Bee-otched For: proving that Nash should be sacked
Who could ever remember the story of CBGB?

What happened was in the early 70's, Hilly Kristal started a small country nightclub in New York City that catered to those that loved country, bluegrass and blues (hence the name). But, the club was little-attended. So, several concert bookers convinced Hilly to book several rock bands including Squeeze (a local band, not the "Tempted" group) and Television. Soon, punk bands such as The Ramones, Patti Smith Group and The Cramps took over CBGB's, helping them zenith into bigger heights.

In other words, New Yorkians just don't like country music, and the ratings prove it.

When Cumulus snatched the WRXP call letters for their acquired 94.7 in the Big Apple, speculation was that the former religious station - owned by Family Stations and doomsday preacher Harold Camping - would be flipping to rock. The WRXP calls were formerly on 101.9, which was a rock station twice and did well each time it was. But instead, Cumulus thought that country would be the best format to introduce to New Yorkers. But so far, Nash 94.7 has been a dud. In the last Nielsen book for 2014, the station finished tied in 19th place with talk sister WABC with a 1.5. Oddly enough, sister WPLJ 95.5 is barely beating the two in 18th place with a 2.1.

Sadly, New York doesn't have any new rock stations. It does have a classic rocker in iHeartRadio's Q104.3, which has a 4.7, good for 6th place. The station does have a new rock show Sunday nights, but that's it. Otherwise, New York's rock radio scene makes my homeland of northern Michigan - a traditional classic rock hell - a cornucopia.

I find it funny that Cum-u-less would even hype the Nash format nationally. Hell, there's a Nash station here in Grand Rapids, and it's getting CREAMED in the ratings by B93.

Oh, maybe they should explain why they do have a success story in Chicago with the newly-relaunched WKQX 101.1. It's in 14th place with a 2.8, but it's beating out the likes of  104.3 K-Hits and even rock stalwart WLUP. It's even beating sister station WLS, which is at a measly 1.4.

Personally, I want to punch anybody in the face that proclaims that rock is dead. IT'S NOT. It's simply evolving. True, I love the bands I grew up with (Rage Against the Machine, Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Nirvana, etc.), but I do enjoy the modern bands like Arctic Monkeys, Royal Blood, Black Keys and so forth. These bands sell a lot of albums and it sucks that no station in New York City dare touch them all because iFartMedia, C-BS and especially Cum-u-less have no fucking clue. This is why I have moved away from terrestrial radio and I ain't coming back until they can wow me.

But hey! The people of the Big Apple have their own station where they can listen to some drunk southerner yodel about drinking, beating their wife and hanging black people. Gotta love country music!

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