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1.20.15 Bee-otch of the Day: Saturday Night Live

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Name: Saturday Night Live
Age: 40
Occupation: comedy show
Last Seen: New York, NY
Bee-otched For: going in the wrong direction
If you're a fan of Saturday Night Live, it seems that every year is a rebuilding year.

Last year, they hired way too many new regulars and about 1/2 of them got canned. At least this year, most of the faces are somewhat recognizable, and some of the sketches do stand out, such as the Calvin Klein ads that featured Kate McKinnon as Justin Bieber. True, there's always getting used to new things, like the reality that Don Pardo is gone and Darrell Hammond is back as the show's announcer, plus the fact that the current Weekend Update team of Michael Che and Colin Jost are the type that you'd most likely see in a smaller market news station

But if there's one negative quality of SNL these days, it's that their musical guests, well, suck so far this season.

If you're into crappy pop like Ariana Grande, Maroon 5, Iggy Azalea and One Direction, than this year's crop of musical crap is right for you. So far this year, the only things close to rock the show has gotten was Hozier and Sia, complete with her mime and little girls dressed in skimpy leotards.

But next week's show is going to TOTALLY SUCK. The reason: HE'S A FUCKING COUNTRY SINGER.

Not only is Blake Shelton the musical guest, but he's also the host of next weekend's show. It kinda does make sense since he's one of the judges on NBC's The Voice. Not to mention that he's the first country artist to appear on SNL since Lady Antebellum in 2011. But let's face it: I FUCKING HATE COUNTRY MUSIC.

Musically, has Lorne Michaels lost his mind? Is he trying to make up for the crappy writing this year but hiring crappy pop artists to perform? Hell, I didn't watch the Justin Bieber episode because I knew it would suck, and other viewers tuned out, too.

But, maybe that's what happens when there's no competition anymore on Saturday late nights. MAD TV is gone, The Howard Stern Radio Show is gone and so on. All SNL has is the Animation Domination block on Fox and that's all. It gives Lorne a license to suck and it's only giving certain members of his crew like McKinnon, Cecily Strong and Pete Davidson to shine. Hell, I can tell that Kenan Thompson sure as hell wants out of there.

Maybe I oughta start hitting the bars again....


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