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5.13.15 Bee-otch of the Day: Saturday Night Live

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Name: Saturday Night Live
Age: 40
Occupation: sketch comedy show on NBC
Last Seen: New York, NY
Bee-otched For: ripping off.... again


Last Saturday's SNL should have been one of the funniest of the year.

Some of the sketches killed, like the cold opening where Cecily Strong portrayed a DJ introducing the Repukes running for president next year. Of course, there was a montage of all the cast members as kids and yes, that Picture Perfect sketch where contestants were forced to draw Mohammed for a million bucks.

Personally, I thought that sketch was hilarious and unpredictable, like many of the skits SNL did 40 years ago. But, there's a small problem: it's a ripoff.

Yep, how dare SNL ripoff somebody else, especially when we're dealing with Lorne Michaels' homeland of Canada? The sketch was a knockoff of a similar one that aired on CBC's This Hour Has 22 Minutes last January. The two sketches are quite similar, only that the 22 Minutes version was a parody of  Win, Lose or Draw, the 1980s celebrity drawing show originally hosted here in the states by the late, great Bert Convy and the SNL version was a little longer and had the great acting of Kenan Thompson as the dude who played the dad from Family Matters.

Nobody from the SNL camp has responded to the charges, but THH22M has been having fun with SNL's alleged plagiarism. The show's writers has bashed the show and even the official Facebook from the program stated that they're waiting for SNL to say something so they can do the same thing, only shorter.

Of course, this isn't the only time SNL has been accused of stealing, at least this season. In October, the show was accused by The Groundlings of copying their "River Sisters" sketch that involved skanky old women singing "Proud Mary" with them telling strange stories in between verses. Years ago, the show even ripped off Howard Stern by airing a commercial sketch called"Sofa King"

Sadly, the allegations of plagiarism are adding up to the problems the show has had in the past few years. Last year, it was too many new faces, and many of them ended up canned. This year, it's everything from unfunny sketches to the lamest Weekend Update desk in years. Comedy-wise, this is all Colin Jost's fault and maybe, just maybe this might be his last year at SNL, god willing.

I'm also fuming at the fact that musical guest-wise, this was a horrid year for rock bands appearing on the show. If you were an indie pop act or rapper, this was a good year. But sadly, the only band to have a hit on the mainstream rock charts to appear on SNL was Zac Brown Band, the country act who scored a surprise hit on the charts with "Heavy is the Head", a duet with Chris Cornell. Otherwise, when the musical guest came on, it was a good time to hit the bathroom or raid the fridge.

As usual, SNL has missed the mark this season. They only have one show left and they better not phone it in. Who knows? Hopefully, one of the ladies might have a wardrobe malfunction (better not be Aidy Bryant)! Otherwise, I hope Lorne will sharpen his ax soon.

Maybe if they actually drew Mohammed during the sketch, things would have improved 1,000%. If only Michael O'Donoghue was still alive...  


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