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5.14.15 Bee-otch of the Day: George Heartwell

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Name: George Heartwell
Age: 65
Occupation: mayor
Last Seen: Grand Rapids, MI
Bee-otched For: endorsing a bitch to do his job


Very soon, it will be the end of an era in Grand Rapids.

After 12 years, former preacher George Heartwell will be stepping down as mayor of Michigan's second-largest city thanks to recently-passed term limits. Now, several people want his job, and the Independent has chosen the woman whom he thinks is most-qualified for the job.

It's none other than current city commissioner Rosalynn Bliss, who was the first person to announce their candidacy to run for GR mayor. Like Heartwell, Bliss does have several Democratic credentials and has the support from several Democrats themselves.

I originally supported Bliss in the beginning, but I withdrew my support because of a friend of mine.

Darren Gibson is the host of Southpaws Tuesdays and Wednesdays 10a-noon on WPRR 1680/95.3 here in Grand Rapids. He's also a manager at Parkway Tropics here in Grand Rapids. For years, PT was a beloved topless club, but that all changed in 2006 when the city passed a no nudity ordinance, forcing PT and other strip clubs in GR to become bikini clubs. According to Darren, Bliss was invited to come to the club to see how clean and well-run they were, but thanks to the negativity spread by the right-leaning news media, she voted for the ordinance anyway.

Darren, me and others believe that the DeVos family played a role in creating the ordinance, especially since the brainchild of the law, Judy Rose appeared in a campaign ad for Dick DeVos' failed gubernatorial campaign run in 2006. Of course, the DeVoses THINK that they own this city, but as somebody who doesn't go to Griffin games or buys cars from Fox Motors, I've learned to create mental blocks around their ventures.

Folks, Grand Rapids NEEDS real strip clubs. Maybe Heartwell and Bliss should walk a mile in my shoes for a while. I bust my ass daily at my job and come home to a nearly-empty apartment, except for my pet fish. I've tried the bar scene and the girls are ignorant. Plus, I've been hit on too many times by guys and one even took me to his house and masturbated in front of me. Unless I'm with somebody, I will never walk into a bar alone. I've tried three different dating sites; since joining, I've only had one serious relationship. Currently, the only person it seems that is giving 1/2 a damn about me lives all the way up in a small hick town called New Era - 80 miles away - even though I specified that I max out at 50 miles. I used to frequent the Deja Vu in Kalamazoo once a month. Most of the girls were nice and friendly. I've never mistreated them one bit. The club itself was well-run and sadly, even the city banned nudity because of a stupid ordinance.

The point is, Grand Rapids has more single men than women. Even worse, a co-worker of mine from Vietnam offered me $10,000 to marry his sister and move her to America. Look, I want somebody local, but as long as there's nothing out there woman-wise, I might as well go to a strip club.

But thanks to the lies created by the Dutch Mafia and other conservatives, not gonna happen. I don't want to pay a woman $20 for a half-assed lap dance when she used to do it in the buff. I might as well spend my Saturday nights alone watching TV drinking a beer, which is what I usually do anyway.

Folks, if Rosalynn Bliss gets elected mayor, we can kiss bringing real strip clubs back to GR bye-bye. I don't live in GR, so I can't vote for her. I hope people get involved and give this misguided cunt a message at the polls. Don't tell a woman that she can't get naked in front of a bunch of grown men just because of your fucked-up religious beliefs.

In this case, happiness doesn't equal bliss. 


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