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5.5.15 Bee-otch of the Day: WOOD-TV

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Age: 66 
Occupation: NBC affiliate
Last Seen: Grand Rapids, MI
Bee-otched For: proving that Facebook does a better job of reporting the news and forcing us to shut off the TV after SNL

Did you know that the most-read BOTD of all time was the one with WOOD-TV back in 2011 for firing long-time news anchor Suzanne Geha?

Yep! Over 4,000 hits so far regarding my article on how our local NBC affiliate handled her dismissal, and I still get a ton of hits every week for the article. Even though I think they're the best news department regarding west Michigan TV, WOOD-TV still sucks and it kinda describes the rest of the west Michigan TV media as well. IMO, WZZM 13 is too cutesy (Juliet Dragos = skank), WXMI Fox 17 airs a lot of shit from Fox News Channel and WWMT 3 is owned by a company that hates Democrats.

When The Earthquake of the Century™ hit west Michigan on Saturday, I was expecting WOOD-TV to break into the hockey game (c'mon, WOOD, this is Red Wing country! They're out of the playoffs, so who cares?), but instead, they wanted official word from the US Geological Society to confirm that the earthquake happened. The quake happened at 12:23 and WOOD didn't run a scroll until a 1/2 hour later. As a matter of fact, they didn't air a news update until after the Kentucky Derby at 7:15 (however, their newscast did air on WOTV-4).

It's sad when something like this happens, that our local media is too fucking slow to respond. It was breaking news and with all the news stories that are overhyped, this one was definitely one of concern.

Oh, and I loved it when Old Man Steffen claimed that fracking had nothing to do with the earthquake. IT HAS, YOU DUMBASS! That and oil companies dumping their oil, drilling, pollution, you name it. This was the worst earthquake in Michigan in nearly 70 years and global warming doesn't have to do with it? Just ask California, which is under a massive drought.

But that's not the only thing grinding my gears regarding WOOD. Recently, the station joined 18 other NBC affiliates - i.e. KPNX Phoenix, WGRZ Buffalo, WKYC Cleveland and KUSA Denver - in showing a brand new Saturday night program called Your Move With Andy Stanley. The promos for the show look like those for any other NBC show, although the peacock logo is noticeably absent. Turns out that it's not an NBC show, but rather a paid religious program. According to the show's website, "If we’re honest, some pretty important decisions are made on Saturday nights. So that’s why we’re on right after SNL."

Andy is the son of Charles Stanley, another dipshit money-grabbing televangelist loon who hosts In Touch, which airs on WOOD-TV Sunday mornings. Oddly enough, Fox 17 also airs the same show on the same day 1/2 hour later. Thanks, but I prefer old Green Acres repeats on 17.2 better.

Personally, I wonder why in the hell WOOD and other NBC affiliates would want to air a wealthy televangelist on a Saturday night. If I owned an NBC station, I'd tell them to keep their money. Saturday night TV should be for fun, edgy shows like SNL and what's left of Fox's ADHD, not Bible thumpers!

Oh, well, at least there's Futurama reruns on CW7 at that time. WOOD can bite my shiny metal ass.


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