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8.11.15 Bee-otches of the Day: people who bash Michael Moore

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Last week, it was announced that Michael Moore was selling his house on Torch Lake near Traverse City.

The filmmaker's house is actually in the possession of his ex-wife, whom he divorced in 2013. The asking price for the seven bedroom, eight bathroom home is $5.3 million. The house also has a gym, an art studio and a cottage for guests.

Many have criticized the man behind "Fahrenheit 9/11" and "Bowling For Columbine" because of his anti-capitalistic views, yet he has homes such as this one. The comments section of UpNorthLive.com's coverage of Moore's house-selling are loaded with fat jokes ("The gym was never used") and idiots who trash Moore for being a one-percenter himself. OK, time to elaborate on a few things.

When I was a teen, I had an uncle who worked at Time Warner. He and his family live just down the road from Pine Knob-er, DTE Energy Music Theater and had access to everything: movies, concerts, you name it. The family was always on the go. Me? I was stuck up in northern Michigan, where I was stuck with two parents who hate each other, hardly any rock concerts that ever came to town, movie theaters that were cheaply built and a de facto rock station that didn't give two shits about anybody born before 1970. What made me even more jealous was that in my cousin's bedroom, there was a picture of him alongside his brother and father standing next to Adam Sandler. What had happened was Sandler was in Detroit promoting a comedy album, which was on (surprise) Warner Bros. Records.

Now, would Sandler ever come and visit northern Michigan? FUCK NO. I'll betcha that he's never even heard of Traverse City. But, Michael Moore has. He's been living in the TC area for years and it's nice to know that yes, celebrities do reside in the area that some think is a rather big hick town. Moore, Mario Batali, Madonna, Julie Kavner and others call northern Michigan home.

You see, I now live in Grand Rapids and sometimes, I wish I could move back up north. Here, every other building has the name "Devos" or "Fox Motors" or "Amway" on it. The Devoses live in houses that make Mike's old pad look like a shanty. Unlike Moore, who speaks 100% truth in his movies, those Hollander assholes made their billions selling snake oil and selling it through distributors that they've ripped off over the past 56 years through their pyramid scheme. I'll betcha that they don't give two shits about Traverse City, even though they own the town's 114-year-old Ford franchise.

Michael Moore? Well, he took a long-abandoned movie house, the State Theater, remodeled it and turned it into a community art house that's enjoyed by thousands of people each year. Not to mention, they even have 25-cent movies! He also took an abandoned museum and did the same thing: turned it into another movie house, the Bijou by the Bay. The State and Bijou, alongside other venues in the area have given TC its popular Traverse City Film Festival year after year. One year, it even brought in Madonna. This year's big celeb was legendary filmmaker Roger Corman.

I'm also proud that Moore has finished his first new movie in six years, "Where to Invade Next", which talks about this country's love of war. The film will debut at the Toronto Film Festival and is now looking for a distributor for a holiday release date. I hope this movie will do well, especially better than Adam Sandler's bust of a shitflick "Pixels".

If you live in northern Michigan, love the fact that you have Michael Moore. Love the fact that you now have two more screens of movies to check out in the Cherry Capitol. I'll betcha that if it weren't for Moore, Carmike would be comfortable with their shitty, outdated, overpriced shoe box cinemas. Now, they're building a 14-screener with an IMAX. Yes, it's competition for Moore and TCFF, but if Royal Oak's legendary Main Art Theatre can survive with a megaplex behind it, so can the State and Bijou.

Be thankful you have Michael Moore telling the truth than Republican Adam Sandler making baby noises. 
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