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8.4.15 Bee-otch of the Day: anybody voting for Rosalynn Bliss

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Bee-otched For: voting for Rosalynn Bliss

Today is the day when Grand Rapids could choose its next mayor.

Four people are running for the position held by term-limited George Heartwell: state rep Robert Dean (D), newbies John George and Willard Lee and former city commissioner Rosalynn Bliss.

Since I don't live in GR proper, I cannot vote. But if I did, it would be anybody but Bliss.

Now, looking at the candidates, Bliss seems to be the most-experienced and the most liberal. But, I wouldn't vote for her. The reason: she was one of the commissioners who voted to shut down the city's strip clubs in 2006.

One of my good pals, Darren Gibson of WPRR/Public Reality Radio 1680/95.3 is also a manager of one of the city's oldest strip clubs, Parkway Tropics. When the city was looking to change the laws, he personally invited Bliss over to PT to prove to her that the club was clean and well-run. Guess what? She declined. She went ahead and voted for the ordinance that prohibited nudity of any kind in the city. So much for women's rights.

Since Bliss kissed the right's ass, the city is now down to two now-bikini clubs: PT and Sensations. Lonely men now have to drive all the way to Lansing or Muskegon if they want to check out naked poontang. Bliss is simply one of those people that the late, great Dave Barber once referred to as "worrying about the peanuts while the elephants walk by". Strip clubs are safe, clean and most of them are well-run. True, there's a few girls who break the rules - such as following customers home and whoring themselves - but in the years that I went to Deja Vu in Kalamazoo, NOT ONCE have I had sex with or even mistreated any of the girls there.

If none of the candidates get over 40% of the vote in today's election, a run-off will be scheduled in November. I'm hoping that the wolf in sheep's clothing, aka Bliss will not get the vote. Personally, I would choose Willard Lee since he's young, he's a military vet and knows what to do in helping the city's poor and black people.

Maybe abolishing that stupid strip club law would help. Free the boobies!
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