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8.24.15 Bee-otches of the Day: Planned Parenthood protesters

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Bee-otched For: protesting over lies

---This past weekend, people in Grand Rapids could have taken advantage of the nice, sunny Saturday to watch cars go by on 28th Street.

But instead, they'd rather hold up signs and stand in front of Planned Parenthood all because of a heavily-edited video created by an extremist group.

The group was protesting PP over the video, in which executives claim that they sell the body parts of aborted fetuses for profit. For years, the right has all looked at PP as a group of baby killers, even though it's only 3% of their business. The rest is everything from teaching sex ed and providing contraceptives to various other things that help families and women alike.

Many are now pushing to defund PP over the video, including embattled state congressslut Cindy Gamrat, who called several weeks ago for the state of Michigan to no longer accept funding for PP only to have her career go up in flames a few days later because of her extramarital affair with fellow congressmaleslut Todd Courser. Despite Gamrat's immorality, the Bible thumpers all want PP to disappear all over a lie.

Folks, how would you like it if you never grew up with your biological parents? How about living in poverty? Living with a severe disability that you have to live with forever? I'm not saying that I'm for abortion. I'm for a woman's right to choose if she wants to be a mother or not. PP is a very vital organization, and if they get defunded over lies from the right, it'll be a sad day for all women everywhere.

Before you write hateful shit on a picket sign, learn the truth first.

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