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8.3.15 Bee-otch of the Day: National Center on Sexual Exploitation

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Name: National Center on Sexual Exploitation
Age: 53
Occupation: right-winged moron group
Last Seen: Washington, DC
Bee-otched For: putting the cover on Cosmo

For the past 15 years, several retailers have been slapping a blinder over Cosmopolitan Magazine.

What started in 1886 as a general family magazine, it flipped to being a sexually-charged women's mag in the 1960s thanks to editor Helen Gurley Brown. But thanks to the mag's scantily-clad models and racy headlines, many sellers of the publication have been either putting a blinder over the magazine at the checkout stands, demoting it to the magazine racks or not selling it altogether.

Amongst the retailers that have put blinders over Cosmo include Meijer, Kroger and several stores owned by SpartanNash (Family Fare and D&W). Walmart has been putting U-shaped blinders over the magazine for several years, covering the racy headlines but not the models.

Now, two more retailers have decided that enough is enough and going with the U-shaped blinders to cover up Cosmo. Food Lion and Rite Aid now join the aforementioned in making sure that young children don't see headlines such as "Hot Summer Sex", "On Your Marks, Get Set, Ooooh!" and "Get Naked!"

The current campaign to have Cosmo covered is from the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCSE), formerly Morality in Media. The campaign itself is run by Victoria Hearst, whose grandfather, William Randolph Hearst was the founder of Cosmo. She is a self-absorbed Jebus freak and Bible thumper who also owns several Christian-themed businesses in Colorado.

Many other groups over the years have held campaigns against Cosmo, including the American Family Association and Michigan-based American Decency Association, whose founder, Bill Johnson makes $60,000 per year, much of it coming from the Edgar and Elza Prince Foundation. Bear in mind that the Prince's son, Erik, was the evil mastermind behind Blackwater/Xe/Academi and their daughter is married into the mega-wealthy Devos family.

You know, it's sad when retailers bow to religious nuts like Bill Johnson and Victoria Hearst, who think that porn is a bigger problem for children than guns in schools. Personally, I think it's important for parents and schools to teach kids about sex instead of straight abstinence. Sex is a good thing, but there's responsibility.

As for the issue of Cosmo on the stands, NBC's Today did a poll and it's almost split 50-50. Half of all Americans think that blinders over Cosmo is silly and I tend to agree. I'd rather have my kid see some goofy headline about sex vs. somebody's head being blown off on a tabloid.

Or even better, the only things that deserve blinders are the mouths of Victoria Hearst and Bill Johnson.  

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