Monday, August 17, 2015

8.17.15 Bee-otch of the Day: Cindy Gamrat

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Name: Cindy Gamrat
Age: 42
Occupation: state congresswoman
Last Seen: Plainwell, MI
Bee-otched For: not backing down

The lovebird known as Cindy Gamrat pulled a Jimmy Swaggart on Friday.

The embattled congresswoman apologized to everybody for her sordid relationship with fellow Tea Party congressman Todd Courser. It was announced a week ago that the two had a secret relationship and Courser paid a staffer to send a phony email to cover it up with an even bigger scandal that involved Courser with a male prostitute. The media ate it up and now, many of her fellow Republicans are even begging Gamrat to step down from her post.

But, she won't.

Gamrat plans to stay although there are investigations into her and Courser's wrongdoings that might as well cost them their jobs.

She has been well-known for being anti-gay, pro-life and pretty much a black sheep amongst her fellow Republicans. And this, my friend was before she and Courser were caught with their pants down. She even made headlines when she proposed cutting funding for Planned Parenthood over the doctored tape showing an employee telling an undercover pro-life supporter that they sell organs for money.

If there's two people who need to lose their jobs NOW, it's Gamrat and Courser. Nobody who claims to be working for God and yet they break one of his Commandments should be worthy of getting kicked out of office. OK, so I supported Bill Clinton. Unlike Gamrat, Clinton created jobs and boosted the economy. Gamrat's only there to kiss the Koch Brothers' asses and that's it. The PEOPLE of her district need to speak out. We don't need fake Jebus freaks running our government.

Cartoonist Mike Thompson said it best: Cindy deserves an A for her speech. The A should be implanted on her torso. 

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