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8.19.15 Bee-otch of the Day: Debbie Schlussel

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Name: Debbie Schlussel
Age: 46
Occupation: conservative moron
Last Seen: Detroit
Bee-otched For: bashing a leader

Last week, the world was shocked and saddened to learn that former president Jimmy Carter was diagnosed with cancer.

The 90-year-old had spent his post-presidential years working with the poor and helping those in need. Despite the fact that he lost the presidency in 1980 to Ronald Reagan, some could say that he should had lead this country well further into the 1980s but lost thanks to the Religious Reich and Reagan's tax cuts to the wealthy.

But leave it to Debbie Schlussel to take Carter's cancer diagnosis and hurt the poor man even further.

Yes, Debbie Schlussel is still alive and well. She used to call in to the Howard Stern Show frequently and even had a show on his Detroit affiliate, 97.1. Last week, when Carter's cancer diagnosis was revealed, Schlussel made this VERY mean tweet: "A cancer has cancer".

OK, Debbie, so what did Jimmy Carter did to you? Did he poop in your Corn Flakes? The real cancer was Reagan and his abuse to the nation plus the two Bushes and their wars and leading America to one of the worst economies in history. Carter built houses for the poor while Dubya gets to live in a nice, big mansion when he should be rotting in jail for the destruction he made to Iraq. It's conservative bitches like you who are a cancer to society.

Jimmy Carter planted peanuts while Debbie Schlussel... Is a nut.  

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