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8.6.15 Bee-otch of the Day: Cindy Gamrat

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Name: Cindy Gamrat
Age: 42
Occupation: state representative
Last Seen: Plainwell, MI
Bee-otched For: believing in lies

A few weeks ago, a heavily-edited video of an employee of Planned Parenthood came out of nowhere, where she talks about what PP does to aborted fetuses, and some aren't happy.

One of those people is Cindy Gamrat (R), a Tea Party bitch who is now proposing that the state no longer accept funds for the organization.

"When you’re talking about what they’re doing to these babies, that is not women’s health care," Gamrat told WOOD-TV. "I hope we can totally eradicate that practice. It’s just simply, in my eyes, horrific. I’m new to this legislator thing… What I’ve seen is… with federal dollars, there is a fear to say ‘no’ to federal dollars."

Of course, PP has told the media that the video, taken from a pro-life group is heavily edited and doesn't totally explain what PP does in terms of abortions.

The truth is, only 3% of what PP does is abortions. Most of what they do is counseling, providing birth control to women, sex ed and so much more. For dumb cunts like Cindy Gamrat to come out of the woodwork and claim that PP are nothing more than a bunch of baby killers is quite stupid.

Gamrat is somebody who doesn't even deserve to hold office. She was kicked out of the GOP caucus for posting confidential statements on Facebook and she even went out against gay marriage in Michigan, even going forward to present legislation that would allow certain people from performing ceremonies.

Personally, I'm happy to support PP through my cell phone carrier, CREDO. We need them to help women get the care they need when they're pregnant and to help others learn about sex. When George W. Bush was governor of Texas, he made that state only teach abstinence in public schools. When that happened, people lined up at local PP centers so their kids could learn sex ed from them. Under Bush, Texas became the state with the highest rate of teenage moms.

If the people in Plainwell are smart, they'd get this fucked up skank out of office. PP is a good thing, not bad! True, abortions are sad, but sometimes, it's better to allow an unborn fetus suffer early than to have it suffer through life without a parent or anybody to care for it.

The big abortion here is Cindy Gamrat's term in office.
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