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2.25.16 Bee-otch of the Day: Del Reynolds

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Name: Del Reynolds
Age: 59
Occupation: owner, Northern Star Broadcasting
Last Seen: Cheboygan, MI
Bee-otched For: not wanting to eliminate a 300-lb problem

A few years ago, there was a little radio station in northern Michigan called Real Rock 105 and 95-5.

The station carried Free Beer and Hot Wings in the morning and its rock format, well, needed work. One minute, they were playing Rage Against the Machine and in the next, it was Heart. However, it was the highest-rated station of Northern Star Broadcasting, which also owns classic rocker The Bear, Big Country 102.9 and a few others.

Then, on April Fools Day 2013, the shit hit the fan. FB&HW was canceled and 95.5 - which served Grand Traverse Metro - flipped to old geezer soft AC as EZ 95-5. Taking over mornings on the newly-rechristened Rock 105 was Brian "Cartman" Pfiffer, who was previously Real Rock's midday guy and PD and before that, the morning man/PD of its ancestor, alt-rocker The Zone. According to station management, the reason why FB&HW was removed was because of ratings, although when the morning show visited Traverse City, they had huge crowds and like we said, Real Rock had DOUBLE the ratings of sister The Bear, northern Michigan's home of the Bob and Tom Show.  

Since Del Reynolds and NSB parted ways with the popular WGRD morning show, they've found new homes at two smaller stations in northern Michigan: Petoskey's WMBN 1340 and WKAD 93.7 in Cadillac, both MacDonald-Garber-owned sports stations that broadcast as The Ticket. Sadly, neither station has a decent signal in Traverse City. As for NSB, two of their morning shows have had blows in the past few months.

First, two members of the Bob and Tom Show, namesake Bob Kevoian and newslady Kristi Lee both retired and quit the program respectively. Apparently, it's just host Tom Griswold and sportscaster Chick McGee these days. Now, even Cartman himself has crossed over to greener - and cheesier - pastures.

Not too long ago, Cartman moved to Green Bay, WI, where he's now at legendary CHR WIXX as "Fife". But thanks to the modern digital technology known as voicetracking, he's still the de facto morning host on Rock 105. So instead of listening to a live and local morning show, listeners to Rock 105 are stuck listening to a show that was produced the night before.

However, one bright spot is that Cartman doesn't appear in as many promos for the station as he once did. I listen to the station online for a few hours Sunday afternoon and didn't his annoying voice once.

Personally, I don't know why Del didn't simply replace him. I don't know what's up with jocks who move to another market but end up voicetracking for the station they technically abandoned. Look at Cartman's ex-sidekick, "Homeless" Jake Kelly. He ended up at Z93 in TC and when he moved to Green Bay he remained as a voicetracker on that station. Meanwhile, rival 106 KHQ has a live night jock, Jimmy Hotkeys who even does a daily mixshow on the station. Voicetracker vs. live and local: it's a no brainer.

Of course, there's a huge reason why I hate Cartman's guts: it was his *alleged* actions against me when he and fellow Zone jock Fish Photoshopped a picture of Cartman urinating and slapped it on a picture of KHQ's van. Cartman posted it on his MySpace page, I then posted it on a popular message board and I - not him or even Fish, now the afternoon jock on KHQ - got all the flak. Hell, a group of assholes created a fake user name to simply bully me off the board, and when I handed one of them the Bee-otch of the Day, that person responded by telling me that it was ME and not Cartman who made that picture which damn near killed his career. Hell, I don't even know if the picture still exists or not.

Point is, it's sick that Del would keep that fat blob around with a morning show that isn't even LIVE. Hell, I'd rather listen to an Eric Zane-less Free Beer and Hot Wings over that loud-mouth asshole. Then again, I'm proud to have a smartphone with Sirius on it so if it's 7-11 am, I can listen to Stern. True, Stern's only on thrice weekly and he's not local, but he is what Cartman ain't:



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