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7.13.16 Bee-otch of the Day: 89X

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Name: CIMX "89X"
Age: 49; 26 as 89X
Occupation: alternative rock station
Last Seen: Windsor, ON
Bee-otched For: proving that they suck

Twenty years ago, I was VERY excited about going to Detroit, just to listen to the radio.

Living in boring northern Michigan, I was forced to listen to shitty radio. I was too old for KHQ and The Peak and not old enough for KLT. For me, stations like K-Rock, The Edge and the alt-rock classics on Planet 96.3 simply made me wish that I lived downstate instead of having to hit the seek button all the time on my car radio.

Now that I have a phone with the internet hooked on to it, checking out another town's radio scene is, well, worthless, even Detroit's. But sadly, during the Fourth of July weekend, it wasn't a reality for me.

The weekend before my trip, I took my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to the pool, wrapped it up in a plastic bag and took some underwater shots. I put it back in the bag I took for my towel and such and the hot sun overheated it. I put it back into the plastic bag to cool off in the pool, but water started to seep in there, wrecking the circuits. I contacted Samsung and they told me to ship it in. Problem was, they weren't going to touch it until July 7th. So, I ended up having no phone to call or text people for two weeks and two days. Therefore, I had the displeasure of listening to (insert the sound of thunder and Toccata and Fugue in D minor) terrestrial radio throughout the whole trip.

Grand Rapids wasn't too bad, Lansing's rock station, Q106 reports as an active rocker but they air their fare share of hair metal, Flint was OK and neither is Detroit. Now, WRIF isn't bad at all. Hell, they're the #1 music station in The Motor City currently. But it's 89X that's the king of suck in the whole damn market.

When The Riff was doing one of their extra-long commercial blocks, I flipped it to 89X hoping for something decent while I was fighting traffic in front of the Chrysler Building on I-75. Guess what they were playing? "Butterfly" by Crazy Town. REALLY, 89X?!?! One of the dorkiest songs of the 2Ks and sadly, 89X was playing it. Of course, the station is buried in the middle of a shit ton of religious and classical stations which makes it a bitch to get to in the first place while I'm doing 75 on the expressway.

Of course, 89X has been hurting for a while. Since Dave and Chuck the Freak crossed over to WRIF for mornings, the station has been in a deep hurt. If they make it to a 2 share, they're lucky. But thankfully, the moron responsible for the station's embarrassment is leaving. Jay Hudson is rumored to be going to Washington, DC.

Aside from their Sunday morning Timewarp show and Saturday night's syndicated Skratch 'N Sniff, 89X is worthless. The fact that the station goes from Rob Zombie to Mumford and Sons to something Canadian that they MUST play thanks to CanCon rules is hurting the station, and their morning show, Cal & Co. is a steaming pile of shit. I do wonder if they can can that abortion and give Free Beer and Hot Wings a try, or even Bubba the Love Sponge?

Until changes are made, 89X will remain an embarrassment in the ratings. I think if I were station management, I'd go out onto the streets and ask what they should do to improve the station. Now that Detroit Sports 105.1 is gone, they and sister station 93.9 The River might as well be Detroit's red-headed stepchildren on the FM band.

Thank God I got my phone back (and even though Samsung voided my warranty because they found water in there, plus the fact that they didn't quite fix it, it's working just fine). 

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