Tuesday, July 5, 2016

7.5.16 Hero of the Day: Greater Media

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Name: Greater Media
Age: 60
Occupation: radio station owner
Last Seen: Braintree, MA
Awarded For: FINALLY putting on a decent format on Detroit's 105.1

Detroit Sports 105.1, we hardly knew ye.

After just three miserable years on the air and ratings under a one share, the ESPN-affiliated station was sent out to pasture last Wednesday. It stunted with oldies for several days, but on Friday, 105.1 WMGC became the new 105.1 The Bounce, the Motor City's entry into the world of the vastly-growing hip-hop and R&B throwback format.

Artists on The Bounce include Snoop Dogg, 2Pac, LL Cool J, Ludacris, Dr. Dre and yes, Eminem.

Even though hip-hop was popularized in the 1980s, the station hasn't played anything from that era, possibly to attract a 25-54 audience. But still, as somebody who listened to rap music in the 1990s, I commend this station for playing tunes I haven't heard in a while.

This is the fifth new format in the 20 years Greater Media has owned 105.1. While I loved The Edge and The Groove was OK, I wasn't a fan of Magic 105.1 and could have cared less about Detroit Sports 105.1. Then again, the only good thing about DS105.1 was that they were able to snatch the Pistons from ratings leader 97.1 The Ticket. Otherwise, that's pretty much it. DS105.1 suffered from the fact that their contract with ESPN forced them to carry their shows such as Mike and Mike that don't talk much about Detroit and its four sports teams. While 97.1 talks Detroit sports almost 24-7, DS105.1 thought that having some dude from Connecticut blab about LeBron would be the ultimate answer. Instead, it turned into a ratings embarrassment.

Another real loser from the DS105.1 quagmire was Drew Lane, who moved from being the long-time morning man of WRIF with Mike Clark to 105.1. But, he didn't take his fans along for the ride. He eventually left the station and rejoined Clark for a podcast.

Sadly, DS105.1 was a station that died from the get-go, like Fridays was to Saturday Night Live or New Coke or even (and I'm praying it will happen) Playboy without the nudity. The only good thing about the station was that they never carried that disgusting, fat blob "Huge" Bill Simonson from here in Grand Rapids. Speaking of which, maybe Sean Baligan will end up on ESPN 96.1 again to kick that fat asshole to the curb in the ratings again.

As for the hip-hop throwback format, I think it will do extremely well. My prediction is that it will debut strong but will eventually lose some steam. From there, the ratings will remain strong.

Now, to convince iHeart, Cumulus or Townsqaure that something like this will work in Grand Rapids. A bunch of low-powered urban ACs on FM aren't enough.

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