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7.18.16 Bee-otch of the Day: NRA

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Name: National Rifle Association
Age: 145
Occupation: pro-gun group
Last Seen: Fairfax, VA
Bee-otched For: another day, another war of blacks vs. police

These have been tough times for those wishing that gun violence would stop.

Yesterday, an armed black man gunned down six police officers in Baton Rouge, LA, killing three. This, of course was just a few weeks after police gunned down Alton Sterling, who was standing outside of a convenience store, selling CDs.

It's well-known that this country's obsession of cops beating the shit out of black people has been well-documented. Just look at Rodney King and the riots that happened in L.A. after the cops who beat him were found not guilty. Now that almost everybody is carrying a smartphone these days, people are willing to record images of blacks getting beaten and even murdered by the cops.

When I think about incidents like these, I wonder if the NRA will ever realize that the Second Amendment was written when guns weren't semiautomatic and that they're killing machines, plain and simple. With the Republican National Convention this week, I wonder what type of vitriol they will spew. After all, most of them are bought by the NRA. Who knows? Maybe they'll drag out excuses that the media is encouraging blacks to kill cops. After all, look at Ice-T and his band Body Count's "Cop Killer" from 25 years ago. I fondly remember good 'ol Charlton Heston reciting the lyrics: "die die die pig die, fuck the police!" Of course, Time Warner adhered to demands from pro-police groups and yanked the song off the band's self-titled album.

OK, so Heston's wishes came true. Why not the rest of us? Why is it easier for a kid to buy a gun and not porn? Guns are protected under the Second Amendment, but porn is even important, the First Amendment. For some reason, it's easier for somebody to kill someone else than for them to get a boner.

Folks, the only way we can stop hearing about gun violence is to vote for politicians who are anti-gun, plain and simple. We have an election coming up, it's time to get the NRA gun nuts outta there.

No more.

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