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7.7.16 Bee-otch of the Day: WOOD-TV

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Age: 67
Occupation: NBC-TV station
Last Seen: Grand Rapids, MI
Bee-0tched For: firing some good folks, but keeping some dead weight

It's amazing that articles I've written five-plus years ago are still being read and enjoyed.

In 2011, I wrote an article on WOOD-TV 8 firing long-time news anchor Suzanne Geha. Her dismissal made headlines and even today, people are still mad at the station for letting her go. Even more, my article is the most-read Bee-otch of the Day of all time.

This past week, I received a nice e-mail from a reader who loved my article and told me that she agreed with me 100% about WOOD-TV's bad decisions. She told me that she worked at a cafeteria many years ago and Suzanne came in to help, straight out of the blue. Despite her celebrity, she was a class act.

But that same woman had something else to say regarding morning weather woman Terri the Whor - er, Terri DeBoer.

She claimed that many years ago, she was in the same elevator as Terri in the old Towers Building downtown GR. Terri looked straight ahead and didn't say a word. Basically, she pretended that her shit didn't stink and moved on.

Needless to say, my reader hates Terri, maybe even more than me. She even wrote an email to her, telling her and her EightWest co-host Rachael Ruiz to find new jobs. Well, she did get an email from Mrs. DeBoer and it sounds generic:

Thank you for taking the time to email your observations to the station. 
Jordan is a delightful person and wonderful to have on our team! 
She is very giving and hard-working. 
I must say, your observations about Rachael are not quite on the mark. 
She is also a terrific person. Ellen Bacca is very smart and hard-working as well. 
Thanks for watching! 
Terri DeBoer

You know, I can't believe that this wrinkled old cunt is still at TV8 after some 20+ years and it makes me smile that she's still doing the early morning show Daybreak instead of 6 and 11. She's the highest in WX seniority at WOOD-TV, yet she's not the Chief Meteorologist. Instead, she's the weakest link on Daybreak and co-hosts that awful EightWest show no one watches. I am so goddamn thankful that after 44 years on the air, The Price is Right is still going strong, proving that there's better shows on TV than stupid chick shows.

But personally, I think the only reason why WOOD-TV still has DeBoer on the payroll is because she's an ass-kisser to the DeVos family. Ten years ago, she held a private fundraiser at her home for Dick Devos' failed gubernatorial run. I love it how she's a "conservative Christian" yet she gives money to a billionaire who has never worked a single fucking day in his life.

But if there's any silver linings out there, it's that 1) Terri's 52 years old and will have to retire sometime and 2) WOOD-TV is being sold to Nexstar Broadcasting and they're good at cost-cutting. With five staff meteorologists and the other stations in town only having three or four, I'd say that Terri's the weakest link.

As for Suzanne, I hope she's well. Her Facebook and Twitter pages haven't been updated in over a year, though.

Only in Grand Rapids, where losers excel.
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