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7.6.16 Bee-otch of the Day: the State of Michigan

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Name: The State of Michigan
Age: 179
Occupation: the Wolverine State
Last Seen: surrounded by every Great Lake sans Ontario
Bee-0tched For: once again attaching strip clubs to trouble

The Great State of Michigan: hey, we can't give our friends in Flint clean water, but we can do damage to strip clubs.

This week, the state is posting a poster that tells people what to do if they see human trafficking. The posters are seen at such places as rest areas, bus stops and strip clubs.

Yes, I said strip clubs.

Now, I've been going to strip joints for years, and know somebody who worked at some of them for 25 years. Personally, I don't think there's a link or even proof that nudie joints are havens for human trafficking. I think a lot of the bullshit linking the two is all due to the shit Linda Lovelace spewed years ago, claiming that she was forced to do the sex scenes in "Deep Throat" at gunpoint by her husband. Just because one porno was made the wrong way doesn't mean that all porno actresses make their movies like that.

Look, years ago when I frequented Deja Vu in Kalamazoo, there was a young woman there who was only 19 and had a baby. I never got a lap dance from her because 1) she always stripped on stage to awful country music and 2) she was a mommy, which to me is a turnoff in a stripper. Anyway, she ended up getting canned from the club. Why? Because one day, a customer came into the club and told a manager that she had left her purse at his house. Turns out that the customer paid the woman $1000 to sleep with him, a club no-no. I commend Deja Vu, a very classy organization for getting rid of this woman who otherwise would have left a bigger mark on their organization.

But you know, I agree that sex trafficking is everywhere, and let's remember one person whose career ended because of it: John Balyo. It's funny that many of his supporters who gave money to his station here in Grand Rapids, WCSG were supporting his sick and twisted lifestyle. Now, he's serving virtually the rest of his life in prison for raping two boys, aged 11 and 12. So will WCSG air any PSAs telling people about sex trafficking? Doubt it.

The sad thing is that the businesses that some view as the least-holiest are anything but. Deja Vu regularly holds canned food drives and car washes to help the needy. Yet, there's Christian-owned businesses that rarely do those things. I think Jesus would rather hang out with a woman who sits on men's faces vs. a crooked asshole who makes millions off his image and yet doesn't give much back to his employees nor the community. Trust me. I worked for one for 10 1/2 years.

After all, God created boobies.

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