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5.16.17 Bee-otch of the Day: KAVV

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Age: 34
Occupation: country music station
Last Seen: Benson, AZ
Bee-otched For: attracting the wrong people

When a radio station airs public service announcements - or PSAs - they are going the community good. Most PSAs deal with issues such as drunk driving, addictions, respecting the environment and preventing cyberbullying.

But in the case of southeast Arizona classic country radio station KAVV 97.7 The Cave, how to stop the authorities from throwing you in jail for owning kiddie porn is just as important.

A Tucson TV station revealed that KAVV had been airing a 60-second PSA for two years telling their listeners how to handle child pornography. The PSA was voiced by station owner and self-proclaimed "CAVE MANager" Paul Lotsof. In the spot, Lotsof tells listeners not to own paper pictures or films and not to store the images on your computer, but rather on an external hard drive.

In an interview, Lotsof claims that he's not promoting child porn, but rather, is against the steep penalties those caught with with it get. In the state of Arizona, one who is caught with ONE PICTURE of child porn will get ten years in prison. One person caught with at least 20 images of kiddie porn is now serving 200 years in prison. Because of the station being caught airing the PSA, some advertisers have pulled their ads from the station and at least one of their jocks, "Shotgun Sherri" has quit the station because of the backlash.

Cochise County Sheriff's Department is now looking into the station's PSA and the FCC has been notified as well.

KAVV broadcasts from Benson, AZ, a small town of 5,000 about 45 miles southeast of Tucson. The station's 6,000 watts narrowly kisses Tucson and can be heard south to the Mexican border. The Cave's studio is an old, dilapidated trailer nicknamed "The Cave Eyesore" that's ironically next door to a daycare center.

You know, it's nice when a radio station takes a stance on issues that we all face. But stopping the cops from throwing you in jail for kiddie porn? STUPID. I'm for locally-owned stations, but Paul Lotsof is a very ironic name because he has "Lotsof" shit.

Right now, the FCC is looking into fining Stephen Colbert because of his 'cock holster' joke regarding Drumpf. If they fine Colbert while KAVV stays on the air, it's a sign that they need to change. NOW. Anybody who defends something as DISGUSTING as child porn should not own a radio station. Not only that, but make his employees work in a shitty old trailer, either.

"The Cave" is an appropriate name for a radio station, since that's where their listeners live.


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