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5.31.17 Bee-otch of the Day: the news media

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Name: the network news business
Age: 76
Occupation: informers of the world
Last Seen: everywhere
Bee-otched For: starting to go in the wrong direction

It looks like Kathy Griffin's career - at least to some - has been beheaded.

A day after a picture of her holding a bloodied mannequin head of Drumpf surfaced on the web, CNN announced that the comedienne will not be returning to co-host their New Years Eve special this year with Anderson Cooper. She had been co-hosting the special since 2007. It is expected that Richard Quest will be taking over Griffin's role this year.

Needless to say, the de facto president bitched and moaned today that the picture scared his son Barron into thinking that his father's head was decapitated for real. Of course, Griffin did apologize for the picture, which was shot by the controversial Tyler Shields.

Even though Drumpf's approval rating is sitting at a putrid 41%, the news media sure loves to bow to him. To me, of the big three cable news channels - the other two being MSNBC and Fox News Channel - CNN had seemed to be the last of the networks to be bowing hard to the right. In recent months, MSNBC had been hiring more and more right-leaning hosts like Greta Van Susteren and Hugh Hewlett. The once-left-leaning channel - whose slogan was once "Lean Forward" - is now down to two lefties: Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell. One good reason for MSNBC's fall from grace could be due to its parent, Comcast trying to convince the Republican-led government to wipe away net neutrality laws. It's also worth noting that NBC has been overhyping Megyn Kelly's new Sunday night show, which will air opposite CBS's stalwart 60 Minutes.

It reminds me of three words mentioned in many-a-Looney Tune.

But of course, my head slams on my laptop knowing that Jenna Bush Hagar is STILL at NBC News despite the fact that her father was the worst president of my lifetime. Every time I see her on TV, I want to change the channel. Hell, I wonder sometimes why the HELL I watch Today from time to time. I need to watch CBS This Morning more since there's less fluff and old yenta bullshit on that show.

Speaking of CBS, they let go Scott Pelley, who had been hosting the CBS Evening News for six years. Despite some gains over the past several years, the show still trails NBC and ABC in the 6:30 news race. He will continue to contribute to 60 Minutes though at the moment, Anthony Mason will be the interim host of the Evening News. For years, the show had been crapped on in the ratings, especially after Walter Cronkite retired. Mason is the fifth anchor for the show since then. As for NBC, they've only had three anchors since 1981 and ABC has had six for their World News Tonight.

Then again, the once-treasured 6:30 news just isn't the same. The days of good, hard news is gone thanks to the big networks bowing to the Repukes and their advertisers. I see plenty of drug ads and pro-"let's destroy the Earth" ads during the news. Right now, I'm watching The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann on RT America. He's arguing with two guys - one from Newsmax - about how we need single payer health care in this country. He ended the show by saying that the Great Barrier Reef has been bleached to the point that it cannot be repaired, proof that extinction is well under way thanks to Global Warming. Folks, this is NOT what the news is covering, and it's because of the fact that they're asskissing the right. True, RT is owned by the Russians (the only advertising I see on there is from Aeroflot Airlines), but sometimes, no advertising can lead to better - and less biased - news.

But thanks to the media's love of Drumpf, we're stuck with Ryan Seacrest for New Years.


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