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5.23.17 Bee-otch of the Day: George W. Bush

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Name: George W. Bush
Age: 70
Occupation: Bob Ross wannabe
Last Seen: somewhere in Texas
Bee-otched For: helping to cause the Manchester Massacre

Last night, thousands of young girls were moving Side to Side to Break Free after hearing a few Bang Bangs at Manchester Arena in England.

During an Ariana Grande concert at England's second-largest arena, 21,000 screaming fans rushed to get out after several explosions were made. The death toll stands at 22 while there were some 59 injuries. Because of this, Grande has canceled the rest of her world tour out of respect of the grieving families.

Not long after the explosions, Isis claimed responsibility for the event. Police have arrested a 23-year-old English male from Libyan parents in connection to the attacks.

Yep! Good 'ol Isis. Since the Iraq War, they have turned once-peaceful nations such as England and France into places that some might have to think twice about visiting. Of course, Grande is an American singer, so some should wonder if we're next.

But if there's one man to blame for all this, it's none other than 43 himself, Dubya.

Before he started shooting missiles into Iraq, that country was actually a decent place to live. But because of lies about weapons of mass destruction, he turned it into a burned-out hellhole. Some of the people revolted and created Isis to punish the Western world. True, Dubya should have been thrown in jail for war crimes, but fellow Repukes and milquetoast Democrats like Nancy Pelosi stopped that from happening. Thankfully, Obama came in, killed Osama and pulled us out of Iraq.

But sadly, the damage was done.

True, we need to worry about Isis, especially before they attack us. Sadly, that might mean *ugh* World War III. And the question is, do we trust Drumpf with handling war, especially with the alleged secrets he shared with Russia? Will Isis strike us first and then we attack them back?

Yes, we can wonder, but the reality is, the man responsible for all this is still free. Hell, last week, he was photobombing a live broadcast of a Rangers baseball game. The truth is, he needs to go to jail for murdering 4,000 + soldiers and fucking up the lives of thousands more. But as long as we elect the wrong people, it'll never happen. Oh, well, only God can judge him.

In the end, our thoughts go out to the thousands of people who attended the concert and especially to those killed or injured in Manchester. As long as we keep them in our thoughts, there will never be a light that will never go out.


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