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5.22.17 Bee-otch of the Day: Big Pharma

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Name: Big Pharma
Age: hundreds
Occupation: drugmakers of the world
Last Seen; everywhere
Bee-otched For: losing another one

Side effects of today's Bee-otch of the Day don't include nausea, diarrhea, upset stomach, seizures, dry mouth, trouble swallowing, headaches, constipation, excessive farting, insomnia or yawning. You won't need to consult your doctor if any of these happen, though after reading this, you might be smacking your head on a table. Then, if you end up with bleeding on the brain, please call 911 immediately.
Five days after the shocking announcement of his death, fans are still upset over the passing of legendary rock singer Chris Cornell (seen above). The lead singer of Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog and Audioslave was found dead in a hotel bedroom at the MGM Grand in Detroit, just hours after a show at that city's Fox Theatre. The 52-year-old had a rope around his neck. Despite being a successful artist, his fans wondered for days why he would ever want to end his life at such an early age.

Now, his widow, Vicki is claiming that the rocker's dependence on a drug triggered his death.

Cornell's toxicology tests are probably weeks from being revealed, but according to her, he was taking the anti-anxiety drug Ativan, whose side effects include sedation, dizziness and unsteadiness. Rumor has it that Cornell's bodyguard handed him the wrong dosage of the medicine and the singer had trouble throughout his performance. An overdose of the medicine can lead to suicidal thoughts, like many antidepressants. Cornell had been candid about his problems with anxiety and depression, which he's dealt with since his childhood years.

I, like Cornell have anxiety issues myself, especially since I collapsed at O'Haire Airport in Chicago 10 years ago. Starting six years ago, I started getting panic attacks and have seen a few doctors about it. Each one prescribed me antidepressants. The first one prescribed me Celexa and then I weened myself off it because I thought my panic attacks were because of ear problems. It wasn't. Then I saw a doctor who put me on Zoloft. The side effects kicked my ass. Now, I'm back on Celexa.

However, when I take medicines, I worry about side effects. What if I miss a dosage? What if I drink a lot of alcohol? What if I get a dizzy spell and collapse again?

I think there should be more done in the fight for mental health, and it's sad that because of Drumpf, we're going backward and not forward. Just give Big Pharma a few bucks and bam! you get some pills that make you feel somewhat better, but sadly, you might lose some sleep, spend some time on the crapper and worse case scenario, you'll end up in a bathroom with a rope around your neck.  Normally, you could say "ask your doctor", but sadly, they do a good job of saying what Big Pharma wants them to say. If America went with a single payer system like most nations have, this shit wouldn't happen.

Question is, will the media cover the death of Cornell much more than just a 30-second blurb on the Nightly News? Doubt it. The reason why is because guess who funds the 6:30 news? Yep! Big Pharma. They're the ones who force NBC, CBS and ABC to air IBS ads while you're trying to eat dinner. Let's also not forget that one reason why the 6:30 news doesn't talk much about Global Warming is because of the stupid pro-fracking ads that air during the stopsets. Money talks, which is why I'm starting to watch RT America more often.

Instead of asking our doctors, we need to ask our politicians.

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