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5.25.17 Bee-otch of the Day: Greg Gianforte

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Name: Greg Gianforte
Age: 56
Occupation: Congressman nominee
Last Seen: Montana
Bee-otched For: turning his campaign into the WWE

Montana is a state where not a whole lot happens.

There's a lot of cows and farms, plus mountains and stuff and that's about it.

And asshole rich people who want to be Congressmen.

Greg Gianforte is a wealthy CEO who founded RightNow Technologies, which helps companies interact with customers. He sold the company in 2011 for $1.5 billion. Not shabby for a company based in Bozeman, MT, pop. 43,000.

With his wealth and power, Gianforte is no stranger to politics. He unsuccessfully ran for governor in Montana last year and now, he's running for Congress in a runoff election. The previous Congressman in that state's at-large district, Ryan Zinke is now the Secretary of the Interior. He's running against Democrat Rob Quist, a well-known musician whose music was covered by many artists including Loretta Lynn. Gianforte is an outspoken Christian who is against Planned Parenthood, the Affordable Care Act, same-sex marriage, raising the minimum wage and the legalization of marijuana. He even thinks that the Earth is only 10,000 years old.

And apparently, he's against being nice to reporters.

Yesterday, Gianforte was charged with misdemeanor assault for body slamming Ben Jacobs, a reporter for Britain's The Guardian newspaper. Jacobs asked Gianforte a question about the Republican replacement for the ACA and well, things got ugly in an instant.

Since Gianforte's body slamming incident, several newspapers in Montana have reversed their endorsement of him, though his campaign has raised an additional $100,000 in one day.

The election was held today and the results are expected to be tallied by tomorrow. Montana has seen seeing a lot of Democrats win in local and state levels in recent years, even though most of them tend to be quite conservative. Quist, however, supports the ACA, raising taxes on the wealthy and women's rights unlike the wealthy Gianforte.

If Gianforte was smart, he'd step down from running for Congress. The fact that Drumpf supports him is a red flag for his campaign. Even worse, a lot of Jebus freaks have forgiven him for his stupidity. It's funny that he's against a lot of stuff that The Bible doesn't talk about (homosexuality and helping women in need), but, well, he's a kook.

If he's elected, God help us all.


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