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10.16.12 Bee-otch of the Day: bullies

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Amanda Todd is no longer with us.

This beautiful 15-year-old girl from Vancouver, BC killed herself last week because she felt that her life was over as it was. It all started when she and her friend were playing with a webcam chat in 7th grade when an older man asked her to bare her breasts on the chat site. However, the man found her on Facebook, and threatened to expose her if she didn't put on a show for him. He knew where she lived and the names of her family members, and wanted to forward the images to them. She ended up changing schools and circle of friends, but the man put up an uncensored photo of her on a Facebook profile and lost it all again. Amanda then developed anxiety disorders and got hooked onto drugs and alcohol. She changed schools again, but the girls from her old school found her and beat her up. She would slash her wrists and even almost died from drinking bleach.

No matter what Amanda did, the bullying continued and anti-depressants and other meds did nothing to help her. Before her death last week, she released the heart-wrenching video above. As of this writing, it has gotten some 3,500,000 hits on YouTube.

This month of October is Anti-Bullying Month. Back in the olden days, when we thought of bullies, people like me would think about those losers on the playground who just picked on you because you had some kind of weakness. If you were short, fat, stupid and so forth, you got bullied. Sadly, I had my fair share of bullies when I was in school. At times, I felt that I had more bullies than friends. But as everybody knows, school's not forever.

Now, adults are getting bullied. Just ask Karen Klein, the New York bus aide who was driven to tears when a group of young kids taunted her because she was overweight, plus the fact that one of her children committed suicide. Thankfully, somebody was nice enough to post the video on YouTube where it went viral and Good Samaritans came out of nowhere, donating over half-a-million dollars to help her out. She retired from her job, although she claimed that her donations played no role in her decision.

But, there's those who do speak out. Look at Jennifer Livingston at WKBT-TV in La Crosse, WI, who lambasted a viewer for writing to her about her weight. She admitted that yes, she was fat, but also had a lot of support from her fans and family. Many commended her for acknowledging that she's not perfect, and it made her a star.
I've learned that in life, the best way to fight a bully is through ignorance. Why? Simple: karma will bite them hard in the ass. One of my favorite movies was a 1928 MGM silent called The Crowd which was about a young man who was trying to make it in life like the rest of us. Not long after the beginning of the King Vidor-directed classic, the man and his new bride move into the big city and laugh at a man dressed as a clown carrying around a billboard for a business. The man ends up working as an estimator for a big company and is able to provide for his wife and two kids.

However, the man suffers many setbacks. His daughter dies after getting hit by a car while crossing the street back home. Still struggling over his loss, he can no longer focus on his work, and is fired by his now-former best friend, now his boss. As a result, his wife and surviving son leave him. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it's the fact that he ends up getting a job... As a sign-carrying clown who juggles.

Hmmm... Kinda reminds me of a certain morbidly-obese dumbass who might have been the biggest bully in my life. A certain somebody who publically harrassed me on a popular message board years back under an assumed name and was even nice enough to create six fake MySpace accounts bashing me. I loved the fact that this retard constantly attacked a weekend oldies jock for a long-assed time and even bashed the format itself, but thanks to years of bad business deals and and failed marriage is back behind the mic... at a non-profit oldies station. Sad, ain't it? :)

You see, if you're a teen or the fact that you're being bullied all the time, my advice is simple: don't worry. Life only gets better from here. Many who were bullied when they were young end up successful while their bullies fade into nowhere. Nobody in life is perfect, even the bullies that pick on us. Just focus on the things in life that make us happy and move on.

It's just too bad the message didn't arrive to poor Amanda Todd quick enough.

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