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10.30.12 Bee-otch of the Day: non-voters

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It's getting down to the wire, folks.

It's only one week from today that Americans will go to the polls and decide what proposals to vote for. People will decide on their new Congressman or Senator, and yes, the President of the United States.

But, the question is, will everybody get off their ass and vote?

One of the latest campaign ads from President Obama talked about the realities of not voting, and I think we all learned an important lesson in 2000 when George W. Bush stole the presidency all because of the melee in Florida. Then again, it was his opponent, Al Gore's fault, too for allowing the controversial Joe Lieberman to be his running mate, which I felt chased away some of his more liberal supporters.

I was one of them.

Yes, one of the biggest mistakes I ever made was not voting in the 2000 election, and it was the first ever election I was eligible to vote in. I was 19 at the time and I was out of my district, away at school. If I only had an absentee ballot, my vote might have made a huge difference in that election.

But, I learned my lesson well, and so did many other Americans angered at the fact that the frat boy abused his power as president, using a national tragedy like 9/11 to invade another country for oil and creating an economy that made things tough for most Americans by giving away Clinton's tax surplus to his wealthy buddies. That was why in 2004, I finally registered to vote and helped win John Kerry for Michigan. Even though he lost the election, at least I had room to bitch. I couldn't be blamed for the 2008 economic disaster that caused homes to foreclose and businesses to close. But in 2008, I voted for Obama, and helped save GM, improve healthcare and captured Osama once and for all.

Now, we're down to the wire. The 2012 election's just one week away, and it's neck and neck with Willard Romney in a slight lead over Obama. The question is, if you still love Obama, why won't you vote? I look at Mittens think of what he'll do in office. I think he's Dubya's third term, giving the wealthy more tax breaks, and oh, he's even promised that he'll send our troops back to Iraq. Whoops! If I was in the military, I would quit.

If we're forced to say the words "president Romney" and you call yourself an Obama supporter but didn't vote for him, you're not a supporter. Hell, I don't even want to be your friend. Don't come crying to me when you lose your job, or even your house. Blame yourself because you allowed the Mormon to win and not the Musl- oh, and he's not even a Muslim, either. He's a Christian, like the assholes trying to get him out of office. I personally believe that if Romney wins, it will also show how racist this country is.

Don't allow the racists to celebrate. Vote for Obama next Tuesday.

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