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10.31.12 Bee-otch of the Day: racists

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It's a common site in many bigger city supermarkets: an average joe standing in front of checkout line at the supermarket while a fat black woman who resembles Precious buys up two cartloads of groceries and pays for it with a Bridge Card.

Oh, and to you non-Michiganders: the Bridge Card is our state's EBT system for those who are disabled or on welfare.

Yeah, I know. Some of you wonder why our system allows this. Why do we allow those whose job description is "Professional Maury Watcher" to mooch off the system while the rest of us are trying to survive. Heck, some of these people buy more groceries than those with real money.

But, here's the real tragedy: while we grimace at fat black ho for wasting our tax bucks so she can get herself closer to a massive heart attack (and I'll betcha she's on public assistance healthcare-wise), we're wasting our money on other things. You know, $6,000 per minute to the oil companies, nearly a trillion for Bush's fake wars, a crapload more to the banks... Yeah, and giving $100 to Aunt Jemima's great, great, great granddaughter is a horrible thing.

Folks, I remember the Bush years, and how I was bombarded with black people begging me for money if I was in a questionable part of town. Hell, I would stop at the Meijer at 28th and Kalamazoo after work at 1:30 in the morning and would get chased out by some crackhead coming out with a lame-assed excuse for money. True, even today there's people in Grand Rapids begging for money - just go to the Costco in Cascade on a Saturday afternoon - but I sure don't get as bombarded by beggars like I used to.

Why? IMO, it's progress. People who didn't have good paying jobs under Bush now do under Obama. Oh, the war in Iraq is now a faded memory and Osama has long been transformed into fish food. Also, GM is alive and well, making fuel-efficient cars that's helping people save on gas.

But, people are too friggin' stupid to think.

Some 150 years after the Civil War ended, we're still a divided nation. When a rich white woman walks by a scraggly black man on the street, she switches purse shoulders. Thankfully, we're smart enough to elect an intelligent black man as president, but whitey has to find an excuse to hate the guy. Shortly after he's elected and starts to show progress as a leader, the Tea Party - all funded by wealthy billionaires like the Kochs - start to brainwash people into thinking that the Democrats are there to give our money to poor black people in Detroit and that each man should fight for himself and himself only.

End result: we end up with a do-nothing House whose job is to veto everything Obama has created while job growth is only trickling up. Yeah, gas prices are still high, but that's partly because of the fact that oil companies are living off the hog thanks to them.

And it's Obama's fault, per the billionaires funding Willard Romney's campaign.

I remember when she was picked as Obama's Chief of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano did warn that an immense amount of racial tension would erupt in America, and she's right. We have morons hanging chairs in their front yards, churches that tell their parishioners "vote for the Mormon, not the Muslim" and even the KKK claims that their membership has grown back into the thousands, up from just a few hundred during the Bush years.

Once again: 1) Obama was born in Hawaii, not Kenya. 2) Obama is a Christian, not a Muslim. 3) Obama was raised primarily by a single, white mother and barely knew his own father. THE. END.

Look, if you're looking to get Obama out of the White House just because he's black, do me and the rest of those whose IQ is well above room temperature a favor: get back in your time machine, go to the early 1800's and stay there. You'll love it! You can raise your own slaves and beat the shit out of them any time you'd like. It was totally legal! But then that damn Lincoln came in and too all the thunder from you. It's sad that Lincoln was what a true Republican was, and now, that party is a shell of its former self. At this rate, I'll never vote Republican, ever. I don't ever want to associate myself with greedy assholes, Jebus freaks and most of all, racists. Trust me, at the end of Obama's second term, it'll be the total opposite of Bush's last term.

But if Obama's not re-elected, then yes, God Damn America indeed.

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